Who is the doctor who was harshly criticized for taking a selfie with Paola Suárez in the hospital?

The photograph of Jesús Montoya generated all kinds of attacks on him.


A doctor who took a selfie with “La Perdida” when she was lying in a hospital bed received all kinds of attacks on social networks, who is this person?

Paola Suárez was discharged this Thursday night after the brutal attack that she allegedly suffered from her partner, José de Jesús; the influencer, who almost lost his right eye, suffered a fracture of two of his ribss, as well as other injuries.

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In the midst of all the controversy, A selfie of a doctor with Paola began to circulate on social media, who lies badly injured and with a swollen face in the hospital bed. This gesture was criticized by several people, who considered that the doctor had acted in an “unprofessional” manner.

However, The photograph was taken with the consent of the influencer and she even uploaded it to her networks.since the doctor is one of his closest friends.


As the hours passed, it became known that the doctor who took the selfie with Paola Suárez in the hospital His name is Jesús Montoya and, because the influencer uploaded that photo to her official Instagram account, She would have given authorization to capture the controversial image.

“I told the doctor to take my photo in gratitude because whenever I get sick, he is the one who takes care of me.”

The attacks on Jesús Montoya were immediate, and there were many people who accused the doctor of wanting to “become famous” at the cost of a tragedy, so Paola Suárez should have clarified the situation:

“Please don’t be angry. I told the doctor to take my photo in gratitude because whenever I get sick, he is the one who always takes care of me and I am very grateful to Jesús Montoya for all the care he has always given me.”he explained

Jesús Montoya, who works at the Guanajuato Regional Hospital, is a close friend of “Loss” and has even provided medical support on other occasions: for example, in September 2023, when Paola Suárez was detected with high blood pressurehe was the one who was by her side and advised her.

Even though “Patas” herself authorized the taking of the selfie and its publication, the criticism of the doctor has continued, thus evidencing the stir that the image has generated over the hours.