Who is the first finalist of The House of Famous Mexico?

There are only two weeks left until the grand finale of LCDLFM.

Cardiac night was lived in the House of Famous Mexico to meet the first finalist.

Today we met the LCDLFM First Runner Upafter the departure of Jorge Losa, as the penultimate member eliminated from the reality show.

Galilee Montijo arrived on set with instructions from The boss to find out who is the first finalist of The House of the Famous Mexico in the game of’The toy shop’.

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‘La Gali’ was the special guest when she entered LCDLFM for the first time to explain to the inhabitants the dynamics of the contest and win the long-awaited golden ticketwhich gave one of them a direct pass to the grand final.

Galilea Montijo entered LCDLFM with 30 surprise boxes marked with a numberwhich contained a stuffed animal, in one of those boxes was the saved golden ticket and which automatically gave a member a pass to the grand finale.

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Through a tombola, Galilea chose the number of the box where she secretly kept the golden ticket.

The Chief ordered the inhabitants to go to the garden and there they saw the driver, who again reminded them of the dynamics of the contest.

It was not until the fifth round that we found out who among the inhabitants won the golden ticket in the box marked with the number 1 and became the first finalist of LCDLFM: Nicola Porcella!