Who is the man who betrayed Ángela Aguilar and what does he do?

“I want to thank my family for supporting me, the fans who ask for my songs and all the artists who do the favor of recording me.” With this speech, Gussy Lau (stage name of René Humberto Lau Ibarrra) received the Éxito 2021 award from the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico.

Although he is a composer for Christian Nodal, Pepe Aguilar, Julión Álvarez, Caliber 50 and many other regional Mexican artists, Gussy Lau had remained relatively anonymous until this week when he went viral, but not because of his songs but because he was the boyfriend. by Angela Aguilar.

At first, Lau denied the relationship and even said that he would never have a relationship with Ángela because Pepe Aguilar is his boss and he is “afraid” of him.

However, this week photos were leaked in which Gussy and Ángela appear in an obviously dating attitude, so the composer decided to accept that they have a relationship.

However, this Thursday Ángela Aguilar published a video in which she denounced that the leak of those photos was a violation of her privacy and that she had trusted a man she should not have trusted and felt betrayed.

Lau is 33 years old (Angela barely came of age, 18) and has written 65 songs, according to the SACM, on whose website, however, she still does not have a published biography.

His greatest successes have been with Christian Nodal with whom he won his second Latin Grammy for the song “Here below” last year.

For Christian, Gussy also wrote “De los besos que te di”, which even became a love anthem in the relationship between Nodal and Belinda, who used to sing it together in concerts.

Lau, according to his friend Nodal, is a man attached to his family and very grateful to his parents.

Together, composer and singer, they had already won another Latin Grammy in 2019 for the song “They didn’t tell you wrong.”

Gussy Lau, regarding the way in which the photographs in which he appears with Ángela Aguilar were leaked, has said that it was a close person who took a screenshot of his phone and published them without his permission.