Who is the man who never left YosStop in jail?

She says “mi Palomito”. Is named Gerardo gonzalez and it is a couple of YosStop since eight years ago. He says he fell in love with her because of her “creative, courageous and irreverent” character. Josseline (real name of the influencer) was 21 years old when she met Gerardo and although they had “opposite ideals” on many issues, love united them beyond those differences.

When YosStop was arrested in June of this year on the accusation of child pornography, Gerardo González was the first (and almost only) who came out in defense of his girlfriend. He held the position that YosStop was in jail for a wrong interpretation of the law, since the influencer she did not commit the rape and she does not even know the assailants.

“Not a single day goes by without you surprising me or teaching me something new,” he wrote. Gonzalez to YosStop on his birthday last year. “I admire many your achievements, your failures and your successes.”

Gerardo gonzalez he is a music lover. He likes music, especially progressive rock and in some part of his youth he devoted himself to music with a band in which he played bass. In his social networks he works as a music commentator and publishes lists of the best bands, soloists, singers. It stands out if you like Pink Floyd.

Before jail, YosStop and Gerardo They really enjoyed traveling to the beach, where they took photos that the influencer shared with messages of love.

While YosStop he was in prison, Gerardo was his spokesman: through him, Josseline he sent messages to his fans and made known letters he wrote.

On the birthday of YosStopGonzález wrote him a message in which he cheered him on and assured him that one day he would get out of jail. That day was yesterday.