Who is the mask 2023: Alan, from Magneto, would have cried for the words that Carlos Rivera said to him

Alan, from Magento, was one of those eliminated this Sunday when it was revealed that he was behind Carritos Chocones.

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What Carlos Rivera said about Magneto’s clues in Who is the Mask? It didn’t seem like it to Alan.

This Sunday, November 26, in Who is the Mask? ‘2023, the identities of two new characters were revealedbeing Bumper Cars and Bottle those who leave reality from Televisa. They were treated by Alan Ibarranext to magnetand Kika Edgarr.

Although during the broadcast it was exciting and close, behind the scenes we learned that Alan would have been upset with judges Carlos Rivera and Juanpa Zurita for what they said before the revelation.

Was Omar Chaparro who noticed this moment and shared it with his colleagues: “Alan was crying a little. I said to him: ‘Are you okay?’, and he said to me: ‘No, I didn’t like what Carlos said.´”. Chaparro said that he tried to calm the participant of the Showbut did not offer more details about what happened next.

Who is the Mask 2023: What did Carlos Rivera say to Alan, from Magneto?

During transmission, The group Magneto, being the Carritos Chocones, sang the song ‘La Bebe’ by Peso Pluma and Yng Lvcas. They also offered the corresponding clues to mislead the judges, made up of YuriJuanpa Zurita, Martha Higareda and Carlos Rivera.

Although at first everyone was confused about what group it could be, since Alan had already participated in the program during the first season, being the first to do so.

However, Carlos Rivera and company clarified that they were surprised because they consider themselves Magneto fansas a reference group for several generations.

“The truth is, we didn’t expect anyone to come back,” began. “I am his fan, I told him so”. Rivera even said that she is a fan of Alan as a soloist and also as part of the group. Everyone thanked the band for their participation and said goodbye to these characters for the last time.

Who is the Mask 2023?: The last ones eliminated from the Televisa reality show

In addition to Carritos Chocones, Bombona’s character also had to leave the contest due to lack of support from the public. Behind the mask was the actress Kika Edgar.

They join celebrities who have had to leave the show, like Chantal Andere, Drake Bell and Lorena de la Garza. There are still 8 characters to be revealed and fans will try to decipher it every Sunday at 8:30 pm through Las Estrellas and Vix.