Who is the mask 2023: These are the 3 characters who reach the grand final

Who is the mask 2023?

It is the most expensive

Only 6 characters reached the semifinals of Who is the mask?

We have already known the real face of 13 celebrities in the fifth season: Milagrito (Mimí, from Flans), Sunflower (Cristian de la Fuente), Balero (Jorge ‘Coque’ Muñiz), Enchantress (Lorena de la Garza), Baby Alien (Drake Bell), Pixel Boy (Nicola Porcella), Namasté (Ernesto D’Alessio), Sardines (Daniel Elbittar), Wasp (Chantal Andere), Bumper cars (Magneto), Bombona (Kika Edgar), Fairy (Mariazel) and Llama (Alejandra Espinoza).

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Tonight the ninth gala was held, where we met the 3 finalists from the new season of the popular Sunday reality show: Who is the mask?

Teeth, Bones, Jaguar, José Ramonstruo, Cupcake and Puercoespunk They faced each other in three duels in this dramatic semifinal.

Who revealed their true identity?

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