Who is the Mask?: They reveal that this actress will occupy Galilea Montijo’s chair

They have already started recording the fifth season of Who is the Mask?

Little by little more details of the new season of Who is the Mask are beginning to emerge?

A few days ago we informed you that the reality show Who is the Mask 2023? started recordings and we have been able to find out several secrets that we will see in the new season.

The last:

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Juanpa Zurita He confirmed before the cameras that he will continue in the reality show and announced that Omar Chaparro will continue as main driver.

Likewise, we were able to find out that Marisol Gonzalez She will be back as co-host.

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However, several changes are coming to the reality show. The stars. Not only Juan José Origel and Martha Figueroa have said it, but also the entertainment journalist Álex Kaffie has revealed that “Martha Higareda “He heads the list of candidates to occupy the position of Galilea Montijo researcher.”

“You see that (Omar Chaparro) is a very good friend of Martha Higareda, well Martha Higareda is the one who can stay there because he asked her there and since he is the driver, well I say ‘bring me’,” mentioned ‘Pepillo’, who He also added that Carlos Rivera and Yuri They will continue as investigators in the reality show.

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