Who is the son of Yolanda Ciani?

Yolanda Ciani passed away at the age of 85


Yolanda Ciani’s death is investigated after two complaints against her own son for alleged physical assaults

Yolanda Ciani, famous and beloved film, theater and television actress, died at the age of 85 on Sunday, September 3, leaving a great void among her colleagues and friends in the artistic profession. However, it was revealed that his son Luis Alberto Romero Ciani was denounced for alleged physical violence against his own mother.

The journalist Antonio Nieto took advantage of his X account (formerly Twitter) to spread that Luis Alberto had been denounced by two people for alleged physical attacks against the actress born in Chihuahua.

“They investigate the son of actress Yolanda Ciani for violence against her. The actress died this Sunday, when 2 people went to the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office to denounce their son Luis Alberto for physical assaults that could trigger a deterioration in health de Ciani”, revealed the journalist.

Yolanda Ciani was mistreated by her own son?

According to the complaint filed with the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, Yolanda Ciani would have been assaulted by her own sonwho until now has not shown his face, on several occasions until he was unconscious.

In addition, a Facebook user named Mary Estrada pointed out that on one occasion, the soap opera actress such as “Corazón indomable”, “Así son ellas” and “El premio mayor”, to name a few, suffered two hip fractures.

“His ordeal is over, her son beat her in recent years, fractured her hip three years ago and in mid-August the other. I make this comment so that hopefully what really happened around her death can be investigated because she had already been locked up and subdued for years, ”the Facebook user published, leaving great concern among the relatives of the beloved actress.

Yolanda Ciani’s nephew breaks the silence

In an interview for the program ‘Sale el Sol’, the sports journalist for the ESPN network, Odin Ciani, broke the silence about the accusations against his cousin Luis Albertowith whom he claimed to have had no contact for five years.

“I would love to be talking about my aunt, a woman who made great movies, soap operas, about her legacy. I have received calls from so many artists about the great love they had for him. I just want this to end, you’ll understand how awkward it is for me. I want the authority to investigate”, the sports journalist began to say.

I find it hard to believe. I do not know, I do not think so. I don’t know how things happened. I hope that is not the case, we must leave things in the hands of the authority. To this day I am waiting to find out what happened. I understand that there is an investigation; I hope to wake up from this nightmare and that it is just gossip, a confusion, if not, that the law be followed, that whoever has to pay pays, “said the communicator.

Finally, Odin assured that the relationship with his cousin was always very good. And he added that her aunt “had a person who took care of her all her life and I communicated with that person when she was well and when she was ill, the only thing I found was negative. I would like to know what happened? I hope it’s not like that, I hope it’s not, I hope it’s like that; I just want this to end”.

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Yolanda Ciani passed away at the age of 85


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