Who is who in Ellas soy yo, Gloria Trevi, a series about the life of the singer?

Gloria Trevi’s bioseries will show the thorny path that the singer had to go through to achieve success.

This Friday, August 11, the long-awaited series ‘They are me, Gloria Trevi’, produced by Carla Estradato tell the life of Gloria Trevi under the optics of the famous Mexican singer.

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will be transmitted by ViXexclusively in the premium plan of said streaming service, and will have 50 episodes full of drama and key moments in the life of Gloria de los Angeles Treviño Ruizbetter known as Gloria Trevi.

What is it about?

Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruíz, only fifteen years old, travels from Monterrey to Mexico City to participate in a television contest. A man twice her age watches her on the screen. She will become her mentor and then her predator. For the next 17 years he will put her on a terrifying journey where, after achieving her success and fame, she will lose everything and will have to work hard to survive and rebuild.

Who make up the cast?

Regina Villaverde (Gloria Trevi as a teenager): After winning a contest organized by Televisa, where she was awarded a scholarship to study at the CEA, she arrived at CDMX.

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Scarlet Gruber (Gloria Trevi as a young woman): She falls in love with César Santiago, considered ‘The Magician of Music’ and Gloria admires him; He manages to break her rebellious nature and control her temper by threatening to block her.

Gloria Ruiz Arredondo: Ingrid Martz (Gloria Trevi’s young mother); Patsy Pepping (adult) and Felicia Mercado (older). A ballet teacher, as a child she dreamed of being a professional classical ballerina.

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Norma Herrera (Aurora Tamez de Arredondo): Gloria Trevi’s maternal great-grandmother): The close relationship with her great-granddaughter makes her one of the most important affections in Gloria’s life.

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Glory May (Doña Gloria): Gloria’s maternal grandmother; practicing Catholic who firmly defends her principles.

Jorge Poza (César Santiago Jiménez): Composer, singer-songwriter, pianist, arranger, musical producer and representative of Gloria Trevi from 1989 until her arrest in January 2000.

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Armando Gomez (Sebastián Fouilloux as a young man and Eduardo Capetillo as an adult): Husband of Gloria Trevi. Businessman and partner of his wife. When Gloria is arrested, he feels the desire to help her and succeeds.

Gloria Trevi: The singer will play herself, in her adult version, to testify about her experiences, since she hit rock bottom, going through jail, until she rebuilds herself, becomes a mother and ended the relationship with her manager that hurt so much made him.

Other participating actors are: Raquel Bigorra (Sara Soto), Nicol Vale (Lisbeth Rincón), Kunno Olivo (Luciano), Yurem Rosas (Ricky Luis), Lupita Sandoval (La Corcholata), Lorena de la Garza (Martha Zavaleta), Jan (Fernando Galeana), Alberto Estrella (judge), Graciela Mauri (Melina), The Lost: Wendy Guevara, Kimberly The Most Precious’ and Paolita Suárez, among others.

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