Who is who in ‘My way is to love you’, the new Televisa telenovela

my way is to love you is the telenovela that premiered this Monday, November 7 at 8:30 p.m. on the stars, replacing Overcome the absence, presenting a plot in which the value of the family will take all the weight.

Here we will see a hero in every sense of the word: Guillermo “Memo” Santos Pérez, a man of firm convictions who makes a living driving his trailer. In addition to being loving towards his family, he wants to form a home next to Úrsula, a woman with a dark past to whom he has just asked to marry. Everything seems to be going in order when he finds out that Olivia, her ex-girlfriend, had a daughter of his and asks him to look for her at the house of Daniela Gallardo and Fausto Beltrán, Isabella’s adoptive parents. Guillermo, willing to meet the girl, goes to the Beltrán family’s house, where he is mistaken for Daniela’s new assistant, a classy woman, successful as a landscaper, but whose dream of being a biological mother has been truncated.

Get to know a little about the characters.

Memo Santos – Gabriel Soto

“My life was always from road to road, I dreamed of starting a family, like the one my parents gave me and I thought it would come true for me with Úrsula, but the same day I asked her to marry me, life surprised me giving me the best gift, Isabella. I don’t know how many roads I have to go through, but I only know that one day my journey will end and that first of all God, the paths of love will find me.

Daniela Gallardo – Susana Gonzalez

My greatest pain was having lost three babies, I could never be a biological mother until little Isabella unexpectedly came into my life, she is the one who gives birth to my world; like many women I live in an almost perfect marriage, it is as if I had everything, but nobody knows how much you suffer until one day love knocks on your door.

Isabella Beltran – Camille Mina

“I was always lucky enough to have the best daddies in the world, but one day I found out that my mom died when I was born and that I was adopted, that’s why I’m with the best family, I know that my mom takes care of me from the stars, but I want to know who my biological father is and I made a plan with Mono Man and Super Memo the trailer driver, my best friends, to help me find him.”

Fausto Beltran – Mark Tacher

“I did everything for my father to recognize me and since the clumsy one could never see it, I took the necessary measures to become his heir, the price I am paying is great, since I have to put up with my boring wife and the unbearable of my daughter, but I always find a way to get away with it, and this will be no exception.”

Juan Pablo Gallardo – Rodrigo Brand

“I am Daniela’s younger brother and Isabella’s uncle, my greatest passion in life is sports, I love the discipline that I must maintain to be an outstanding diver and one day become an Olympic medalist. I met a young woman with whom I am in love, the difference in social classes does not matter to me, I prefer to see the values ​​and feelings of a person, that is what is really worth it. Together we will achieve incredible things, because only a misfortune could separate us, and that is not going to happen.


Humberto Santos – Sergio Reynoso

“I lived in the trailer getting to know the coolest places in Mexico, but my Martina and my family needed me and I left the roads for them. My Martina left, but Amparo took over the reins of the Saints and we have always been united, I feel satisfied to see such a beautiful family that I have… but I still miss my wife like the first day and I see falling in love again as difficult But I know that anything can happen.

Amparo Santos – Monika Sanchez

“Life has been very hard on me, I have been in charge of my brothers since I was a child, of the restaurant, I got married and I have three beautiful blessings and a husband whom I love, but who has given me green gray hair. It is not easy to be an honest woman and loyal to what my parents taught me, but I make an effort every day not to disappoint my parents, because it is true from God that the family is the basis of happiness”.

Leonardo Santos – Julian Figueroa

“I am the youngest of the Santos brothers. My saintly mother died when I was very young, but my father and my brothers are always with me. Although my family is made up of trailers, I want to be one of those very famous singers, not more than my father, because he doesn’t like the idea, I know that one day I will achieve it. There is a very cool girl who will become my inspiration to write my songs”.


Sebastian Zambrano as Carlos Said

“I am Sebastián Zambrano and, really, what matters most to me in life is taking care of the environment, my father Eugenio and my sister Karen are in their rolls; Deep down, my mother’s absence has left me with a very deep pain that I prefer to hide. I met a very strange girl, nothing to do with me, but I think that she, if she gives her a hard time, she can give meaning to my life ”.

Karen Zambrano – Ximena Herrera

“I am a woman destined to make Daniela Gallardo suffer, I have been in love with Fausto since we were classmates at the University. I have a brother and father who I find quite boring. My only goal in this life is to get Fausto to leave stupid Daniela so that he and I can be happy.”

Eugenio Zambrano – Leonardo Daniel

“After losing my wife, the mother of my children, the love of my life, I have been left in deep loneliness. The responsibility of being a father has kept me on my feet, and it is for them, for Karen and for Sebastian, that I continue with a life full of guilt, but with unconditional love for my children.


Ursula Hernandez – Sara Corrales

“César and I got married, we spent our lives stealing on the highways until one day I got tired and left thinking that I would never see him again. Then I met Memo and fell in love with him, everything was going well, but one day Daniela’s lizard arrived and now she wants to steal my man, she’s just going to run into a wall, because what’s mine no one takes away from me ” .

Macario Hernandez – Alberto Estrella

“I am the husband of Amparo, my witch, the good one because they already know that where there are tickets is where I like to walk. I’m all for it, nothing more I have a detail out there, and it’s that I really like gambling and then that gets me into fights. My life is not easy, I am well sought after and, to whom do they give bread that cries?

Cesar Ramirez – Alfredo Gatica

“Ursula left my life, without saying goodbye, and she did not think that Uncle Macario, for a few cents, would sell me her location. I don’t care about her anymore, but my silence will cost her, she says that now she loves Memo, but I’m sure I’m not, that girl has something that interests me a lot, so I’m going to get a lot of money from her, because she loves being among my arms and since he abandoned me the bad way, he is going to wachar that whoever messes with me pays for it”.

Aaron Pelaez – Fabian Robles

“I am the right hand of Fausto, always unconditional, I keep his dirtiest secrets in silence, and many times I dirty my hands for him, but everything has a limit, I am fed up with his humiliations, and since he only deceives me with false promises , I will find a way for him to comply, or I will become his worst enemy.

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