Who is who in the soap opera ‘Minas de Pasión’ and what are the secrets inside and outside the set

The telenovela, starring Livia Brito and Osvaldo de León, became an instant hit.


“Passion Mines” Televisa’s new bet, aired on August 21 and immediately positioned itself as one of the favorite productions of the evening telenovela bar; nothing less at its premiere they saw it 4.8 million viewerssurpassing the competition.

The telenovela, starring Livia Brito and Osvaldo de León, and whose script is based on the successful story “La Patrona”, takes us through the history of “Emilia”, a single mother who works in a mine to raise her son despite the machismo that still exists around this activity.

Due to the immediate success of “Minas de Pasión”, broadcast from Monday to Friday by Las Estrellas at 06:30 in the afternoon, many people have been wanting to know more curiosities about this successful production: here we have some interesting facts, as well as who is who in this soap opera.


“Mines of passion” has a whole investigation and hard work after its completion.



Exclusively for this week’s issue, “TVyNovelas” went into the bowels of the earth, literally, to discover some secrets within the successful filming of “Minas de Pasión”, Did you know that they recreated a mine in Mexico City?

Producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo spoke to us exclusively about the meticulous investigation that was carried out to address the situation experienced by miners in Mexico:

“The writing team did a thorough investigation, they interviewed many miners and we also filmed in the mines; We had important advisers who explained to us how to enter these places, what the procedures were if a landslide were to occur, among many other things, which we reflected in the plot,” said Ortiz de Pinedo, stressing that all this problem was addressed with full respect.


“Minas de Pasión” is a reliable work that you cannot miss in the evening soap opera bar.


About the locations, vseveral places in the state of Hidalgo they lent their beautiful settings for the plot; however, perhaps the most shocking curiosity of this telenovela was the exact recreation of a gold deposit in Mexico City:

They are more than 125 meters, integrated by a circuit in which a sequence shot can be recorded, walking and walking, as if we were entering a real mine. It is a spectacular work that helps us speed up the recordings and tell a reality”, explained the producer about this titanic effort.


Get to know the cast of “Minas de Pasión”, their character and motivations in this exciting story.


Roberta’s son, he is a millionaire civil engineer and environmentalist. He lives in CDMX and is recognized for his “green cities” projects. He has a romantic relationship with Sara, but love is complicated for him due to his lack of affection in his childhood; the death of his father and his mother’s attitude torment him. Through ups and downs he will value her true love and be willing to change for Emilia, even though he will face great challenges.


She is a brave and skilled worker at the mine, where she has earned respect, but also faces bullying and envy. She raised her son by herself after being abused at age 19. Although she sacrificed her dreams to take care of him, she longs to be an engineer. She has an enemy: Roberta, whose son, Mauricio, is obsessed with Emilia. Leonardo’s arrival in San Lorenzo will change her life and that of Sebastián, the eternal lover of her.


Known as “La Patrona”. She is the wife of Ignacio Villamizar and widow of Esteban Santamaría. She is beautiful, elegant, cunning and manipulative. She is shown to have a “good heart” by helping the town’s poor, but she does it to keep them close and to work in her gold mine. Her life will change when she realizes that her children are in love with Emilia.


Eldest daughter of Adalberto and Gigi Quintana. She is beautiful, refined, persevering, intelligent and ambitious. She runs a successful advertising agency, but she never feels confident in herself due to her mother’s constant criticism of her in childhood. After restarting her relationship with Leonardo, she realizes that she loves him, but she will be threatened by Emilia’s presence.


Handsome and simple in his way of being and dressing, he captivates the young people of the town with his talent for singing like a charro at parties. His purpose is to be happy, live well and share his life with Emilia. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win her heart, even though she loves him more like a brother.