Who was Elaine da Silva, the news anchor who died while pregnant?

Elaine da Silva was emergency hospitalized for respiratory problems.

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Elaine da Silva had more than 15 years working for the Brazilian television channel that confirmed her death last Wednesday.

The death of driver Elaine da Silva has shocked not only to his colleagues at the Brazilian channel Canção Nova TV, but to all of Latin America. The renowned 38-year-old journalist was pregnant and had shared her excitement about welcoming her babya joy that ultimately could not materialize.

The sad news was confirmed by Da Silva’s colleagues in the program to which he had belonged for many years. Your colleague Paula Guimarães was the one who informed the public with the following message:

We are all devastated this morning as we have been confirmed with the death of our beloved Elaine”.

The death occurred last Wednesday, November 22.

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Elaine da Silva was 23 weeks pregnant.

(Instagram @santos.elainec)

What did Elaine da Silva, the driver who was pregnant, die from?

The pregnant driver Elaine da Silva, had been transferred to the São Paulo hospital with severe pneumonia.according to local media.

The official cause was registered as respiratory failure with generalized infectionaccording to the local portal ‘UOL’.

Although the previous week he had performed normally on his program in Brazil, Both the communicator and her baby, who was 23 weeks pregnant, lost their lives almost simultaneously.

Who was Elaine da Silva?

Elaine da Silva died in hospital last Wednesday

Elaine da Silva died in hospital last Wednesday.

(Instagram @santos.elainec)

Elaine da Silva had been part of the Canção Nova TV team for 15 years. She described herself as a “communicator passionate about life and telling stories.”

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According to information from ‘UOL’, The journalist lived with her family in the municipality of Cachoeira Paulista, in Sao Paulo.. In 2019, she was recognized with the Canção Nova Journalism Award for best report.

Elaine da Silva left behind a son, just over a year old, and her husband, Fernando Carvalho.