Who was Philipp Fusz, the perpetrator of the church massacre in Hamburg

A screenshot of the page of Philipp Fusz, author of the massacre (Screenshot via REUTERS) (REUTERS /)

The attacker was identified as “Philipp F.” 35 years old and was a former Jehovah’s Witnesswho had obtained a weapons permit as a sports shooter last year that allowed him to acquire the gun that he used in the attack against that community, the police authorities and the prosecutor’s office announced this Friday at a joint press conference. The man’s last name is Fuszas can be seen in the capture of its website, but the German authorities avoid giving the full name of the suspect.

The shooter, who he took his own life when the police entered the building, had no criminal record nor had any complaints of any kind been filed against him, but the police chief of that northern German city, Martin Mayer, explained that an anonymous informant he had alerted that, due to an undiagnosed psychiatric disorder, he was not a suitable candidate for a weapons permit.

The authorities carried out the corresponding procedures, but according to the results of the inspection that was carried out, no further measures were adopted and F.’s weapons permit was not withdrawn, said the police officer.

“An anonymous tip from someone who expresses concern that someone may have a mental disorder is not a basis on which measures can be taken,” Meyer stressed when asked by the press and argued that this possibility would lead to a climate of mutual denunciation among citizens. .

The relationship between the shooter and the community of Jehovah’s Witnesses that he attacked has not yet been fully clarified and the Authorities are investigating whether he abandoned her of his own free will or whether he was expelled due to some kind of dispute.

However, Meyer stressed that “there is no indication that members of the community felt threatened.”

The events occurred around 9:00 p.m. local time, when F. first opened fire on a woman who was in a vehicle in the building’s parking lot and then began shooting through the ground floor window where Jehovah’s Witnesses were holding a religious service.

Still firing, he went inside, where killed six adults including a woman who was seven months pregnant, before it was interrupted by the arrival of special police forces.

According to German media, the attacker was originally from Kempten (Southern Germany) and on his website he offered his services as an adviser on matters of various kinds, from business to theology.

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