Who’s who in CABO, Televisa’s new telenovela

That unforgettable story in which Lucía Méndez made two brothers fight to the death in the 1980s is back with the name of Cabo, an adaptation produced by José Alberto Castro, starring Bárbara de Regil, debuting in the Televisa novels, and the Chilean Matías Novoa, in the same role that Andrés García once played. It will be from this Monday, October 24, at 9:30 p.m. for the stars, that Mexicans will enjoy the melodrama that replaces La madrastra.

Here we are introduced to Alejandro, an attractive and successful businessman who lives with his family in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur. He grew up next to Vanesa, his sister, and Eduardo, his stepbrother, with whom he has always rivaled. Eduardo is the son of Lucía, wife of Alejandro’s father, and has been raised as a resentful and jealous man who has unlimited ambition. Alejandro is in charge of Grupo Alva, a family company that includes tourism, financial services, construction and fishing companies. The action begins when Eduardo, to stay with the company, puts together a plan that consists of pretending to be Alejandro; under that name he falls in love with Sofía and also hides from her that he is from a renowned and wealthy family.


Sofía is an honest and simple woman who lives with her sister Rebeca, a young woman who wants to get out of misery, and with Poncho, her father, an alcoholic man who steals auto parts. With trickery, the villain from Cabo wraps Sofia up and marries her. On the day of the wedding, this evil man plans an attack against Alejandro, so that Sofía is “widowed” and in this way he can take control of all the companies. Eduardo explains to Sofía that he used her to keep all the fortune and forces her to do everything he asks of her, or else he will put Poncho in jail, since apparently the evidence of the attack against Alejandro incriminates Sofía’s father. . To everyone’s surprise, Alejandro survives the attack. Eduardo pressures Sofía to make Alejandro believe that they were married, but he forgot, due to memory problems that he suffers from, due to the accident. In order to discover the truth, Alejandro decides to maintain his “marriage” with Sofía, without imagining that he will end up hooking up with this good-hearted woman; for her part, Sofía begins to reciprocate, as she gets to know him. Realizing this, Eduardo becomes furious, because he is not willing to lose Sofía.

Barbara de Regil: Sofia Chavez

She is a beautiful, simple woman with a good heart. She works in an inn on the shores of the sea in La Paz. Since her mother’s death, she has become the pillar of her family and does everything for her. Because she has been working for so long, she has not allowed herself to think about her love, until she meets Eduardo, who cheats on her, pretending to be Alejandro, her stepbrother. She falls in love with him because of her supposed simplicity and tenderness, without imagining that she is using her for an evil plan.

Matias Novoa: Alejandro Noriega

He is an attractive man, an entrepreneur, intelligent and business savvy. He is the owner of a corporation that has millionaire companies. He has worked very hard to get to where he is and is always looking for ways to grow his emporium more and more. He has a noble heart, but being completely absorbed in his work, he has left his love life in the background, although there are many women willing to do anything to win his heart.

Diego AmozurrutiaEduardo Torres

He is an ambitious man, with a tough character, Machiavellian and capable of anything to achieve what he sets out to do. He envies his stepbrother Alejandro, because he believes that he does not deserve everything he has. He is hypocritical, cynical and uses the facade of being a good son, although in reality the only thing he wants is to destroy Alejandro to keep everything that, according to him, belongs to him.

Rebecca Jones: Lucia Alarcon, Noriega’s widow

She is a society lady, sophisticated, distinguished, elegant, intelligent and protective. She is the mother of Eduardo and stepmother of Alejandro and Vanesa. She has a big heart and took care of Alejandro and Vanesa since they were very young, so she loves them as if she were her real mother. The most important thing for her is family. She has a great weakness for her true son, Eduardo, whom she feels unprotected and helpless, so she seeks to protect him from any injustice.

Mar Contreras: Vanesa Noriega

She is Alejandro’s sister, Ernesto’s wife and Isabela’s best friend. She is a beautiful woman, from a good family, vain and a bit arrogant. She works in the corporation that she and Alejandro own, although she actually does very little and leaves all the responsibility to her brother. Her relationship with Ernesto is increasingly cold; she lives in an eternal conflict between continuing with that distant and empty life that she has, or leaving it and doing something different with her life.

Carlos Athié: Ernesto Castillo

He is Vanessa’s husband. He is handsome, opportunistic and playful. He married Vanesa out of interest. He presumes that he has a lot of power in the corporate, although in reality he only has a symbolic position and does little or nothing. His projects are always destined to fail, so Vanesa’s indecision about his relationship makes him tremble.

Sergio KlainerHugo Reyes

He is a loyal, helpful and polite man. He works as a butler at the Noriega mansion. He has a good relationship with the whole family and always seeks to provide his help, as well as his wise advice. He establishes a good relationship with Sofía, whom he advises to deal with the problems he is having with the Noriega family.

Rafael Inclan as Alfonso Chavez

He is the father of Sofía and Rebeca. He is carefree and somewhat lazy. He always looks for the “easy way” to do things. He loves and cares for his daughters, who are everything to him. He is Blanquita’s godfather and Fausto’s best friend. He is noble and always believes the best in people. He likes to drink and, because of this, he constantly gets into trouble.

Maria Chacon as Rebeca Chavez

She is Sofia’s sister. She is a pretty, restless and ambitious young woman. She likes things easy and she hates working at the inn, since she lives convinced that she deserves more. Her dream is to find a rich man who will get her out of her situation. She is not as optimistic and determined as her sister and, although she loves her very much, they have frequent differences because they see life differently.

Eva Cedeno as Isabel Escalante

She is beautiful, elegant, cunning, superficial, proud and strong-willed. She is a society girl, she owns a boutique hotel in Cabo. She maintains a relationship with Alejandro, but she has not been able to make him want to formalize it. Her ambition is to marry Alejandro and become part of the Noriega family.

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