Why are Ninel and Giovanni fighting for custody of their son?

The news that Ninel Conde reuniting with your child is especially important considering how long it has been: almost two years.

How was it possible that Ninel was almost left out of the life of the son she had with Giovanni medina during all this time? The explanation is the tortuous relationship they have had since the day they met.

Conde and Medina’s courtship began in 2014. Although they had been dating since the end of the previous year, it was until months later that Ninel began to publish photos in which she accepted their new relationship.

Very soon, in April of that year, Ninel announces that she is pregnant with Giovanni and almost at the same time, the singer Dulce speaks publicly about him: she assures that he is a toxic person and that she knows it because he was her daughter’s boyfriend.

The idyll lasted just three years. 2017 was the year the couple exploded amid accounts of physical violence and altercations. In June of that year, the fight for the boy had a first high point: Medina complained that Ninel did not let him visit him even when the boy was hospitalized.

The separation leaves Ninel with custody of her son but for the next two years she has constant confrontations with Giovanni, who accuses her of using drugs.

In April 2020, the murderous Bombón appears in court to announce that a legal battle is beginning to get her son back. He says that Medina, with deception and taking advantage of the restrictions due to the Covid pandemic, has the child and does not let him see him.

Giovanni Medina has finally agreed this week for Ninel to reunite with the boy. He assures that his intention to keep him with him has been until now to keep him away from the toxic environment caused by Ninel Conde’s relationship with Larry Ramos, who is accused of wire fraud in the United States.