Why Arturo Elías Ayub preferred to invest in soccer and not in Mexican boxing

Arturo Elías Ayub is recognized for being one of the largest businessmen in Mexico. However, Ayub has also been part of the sports world. As was his time as president of the university board and managed to lead Pumas to win a two-time league championship.

However, there is a saved anecdote of the son-in-law of Carlos Slim, that Marco Antonio Barrera was in charge of talking through the podcast that he carries out with Erick Terrible Morales and what’s by name One More Round. There, both former world champions spoke about the occasion in which Elías Ayub decided not to support Mexican boxing and the reasons why the businessman would probably have chosen the offer.

“Boxing is a passion. Very few people who get into boxing, to represent, to help, hardly get out. I do not know anyone who has left boxing. Everyone is doing something, “he said at the beginning. Erick Morales.

Elías Ayub has become one of the businessmen who have given the most support to young entrepreneurs (Photo: Steve Allen)

“Boxing brings many things together. Besides, it is a sport in which you learn many things and it helps you grow, you do a little bit of everything, “added Marco Barrera.

Both boxers mentioned as if it were a prelude to what Barrera would tell next:

“I’m talking about I don’t know how many years, but it was when Jorge Campos was at the top. Me I sat down to eat with Elías Ayub in a restaurant in the Zona Rosa and I invited him to boxing. He introduced me to him, the secretary of energy at the time, and he told me that he was going to introduce me and to see if he liked to invest in boxing. “

“We went to eat and Elías Ayub told me: ‘Boxing is a very violent sport. We are somewhat closer to the family, we sponsor very familiar people, which is due to them. So football. Our spearhead is Jorge Campos’. And from a few years to here, he is involved, he is granting a lot of boxers to many. What happened, Elías Ayub? Why didn’t you listen to me years ago when we ate and asked you to enter boxing?“Said Marco Antonio Barrera.

Marco Antonio Barrera and Érik Morales
Barrera and Morales have been two of the best boxers that Mexico has produced (Photos: Instagram @ marcobarrerat // UFC Spanish)

Boxing has gained a lot of ground, it has broken paradigms with which it is very aggressive, which is a violent sport and a thousand other things, that sponsors for thousands of years were denied it. I have had to see thousands of brands that were not even jokingly associated with us, today they have been associated in one way or another ”, stated the Terrible Morales.

Today, Arturo Elías heads the Telmex Telcel Foundation where they provide a scholarship called Ring Telmex Telcel, in which support promising young boxing players so that they can continue with the practice of sport and also with the continuity of their studies.

This program provides support to 24 boxers in order that they can stay within the sporting activity. In addition to this, a fund is created for their sports retirement.

Jorge Campos and Arturo Elías Ayub
The talented goalkeeper was under the patronage of Arturo Elías Ayub (Photo: Twitter / @ arturoelias)

The allocation of the scholarship has been given through a group representing the foundation observing different prospects through boxing shows across the country. The only requirement to be eligible for support is that young people are role models in their daily lives.

Distinguished boxers have passed through said foundation, such is the case of Óscar Valdez Fierro, who represented Mexico at the 2012 London Olympics. In addition to supporting others such as Rubén Olivares, Pipino Cuevas, Lupe Pintor, Mariana Juárez, Zulina Muñoz, among others.

That is why the World Boxing Council decided to reward said foundation for being one of the exemplary institutions in the world of boxing.


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