Why Canelo Álvarez would have run to Grupo Firme of the XV years of his daughter

Saúl Álvarez would have had a conflict with Grupo Firme and Carín León at Emily Cinnamon’s XV-year party

After the third fight of his rivalry with Gennady Golovkin, Saul Alvarez He took time to dedicate himself to his personal life and once again grabbed the spotlight with a luxurious party. On the occasion of the celebration of the XV years of his daughter Emily Cinnamon Álvarez Beltránthe boxer got the Firme Group and Carín León liven up the celebration, but he would have fired them hours later due to the disorder they caused in the event.

According to a series of statements that the Guadalajara influencer Chamonic gave to the radio program of The bestthe Cinnamon Alvarez suffered a series of shocks because the planning of the XV years did not turn out as expected. Among the inconveniences of the night of October 15 was the delay of up to three hours in admission of the guests at the ranch The Queensjust like him overcrowding Well, there were more attendees than tables.

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The biggest scandal came later because, according to the influencer, the undisputed 168-pound champion he chased the performers away because they were becoming the center of attention at the party. And it is that the excess of people who entered his daughter’s party would have been one of the reasons for his displeasure.

“They ran Grupo Firme and Carín from the party. ran them Cinnamon because he was already intoned. He was already drunk and very stubborn singing as if it were karaoke. He begins to sing the Grupo Firme and told them as is: ‘You’re going to… because you’ve had enough of me. They already made me angry’ (…) Very ugly that he behaved Cinnamon because yes the cups were passed, ”he assured during his speech.

Another of the anecdotes that aired was a alleged discussion with vocalist Carín León. Despite the fact that the interpreter of “No es por acá” does not offer shows at private events, the boxer would have had a strong dispute with him.

“With Carín they say that he was singing, but he confronted him and said ugly ‘you know what? half of those who are here are a ball of golleteros’. Yes, he argued with Carín and ran to the Firmes (…) he argued very badly Cinnamon with Carín, is what they tell me. Y what a bad wave because Carín does not do private parties and had this delicacy”he declared.

With Grupo Firme singing the mornings, this was the XV years of <a class=Canelo Álvarez‘s daughter (Photo: Instagram/ @emilyc.alvarez)” height=”274″ src=”https://www.americanchronicles.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/1666137364_604_Why-Canelo-Alvarez-would-have-run-to-Grupo-Firme-of.jpg” width=”435″ />
With Grupo Firme singing the mornings, this was the XV years of Canelo Álvarez‘s daughter (Photo: Instagram/ @emilyc.alvarez)

Although there is no evidence of the event, the influencer claimed to have a video of the moment in which the boxer ran to the artists of Emily Cinnamon’s XV-year party. In addition, he announced that, in his presentation at the Palenque de las Fiestas de Octubre in Guadalajara, Carín León joked with the members of Grupo Firme about the events of the previous night without specifying what it was about.

The relationship of Cinnamon Álvarez with the members of Grupo Firme and Carín León has a close relationship and extensive background. Eduin Caz, vocalist of the group, has visited the boxer on several occasions in his gym as well as in his most recent fights. On the other hand, Carín León sang the Mexican National Anthem during the fight for the 175-pound title between the man from Guadalajara and Dmitry Bivol at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How was the party of XV years of the daughter of Canelo Álvarez?

The celebration for the birthday of the firstborn of Saúl Álvarez began in the Cathedral of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and continued on the ranch he owned. In addition to the number of Grupo Firme and Carín León, Claudio Alcaraz was in charge of entertaining the waltz, while the group The three northerners also participated and dedicated a corrido in tribute to Emily entitled “The girl with the little ones”.


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