Why Carmen Campuzano wants Eiza González to star in her bioseries

Carmen has not yet contacted Eiza to propose the project Photo: Archive

Carmen Campuzano placeholder image he is preparing a project where he will give something to talk about by narrating controversial aspects of his life. It is a bioseries where the model It will tell about his passage through international catwalks, his addictions and rehabilitation.

The famous controversy joins the list of personalities from the middle of fame who will look for a place to tell their life story in bioseries format. For this, Campuzano has already ventured to give the name of the actress who he would like to star in his life on the small screen, sIt is about Eiza González.

The internationally famous Mexican is in the sights of Carmen, Although the 50-year-old model revealed that he has not contacted her so the casting still open. She also shared that she is happy to be able to continue with her life in a sober state, after the ups and downs with the substances that she herself has described as “a dark parenthesis”: “From drunk, alone and devastated to magical, ethereal and unattainable ”is his motto today.

Carmen Campuzano COVID-19 pandemic
Carmen Campuzano maintains a friendship with Glenda, Eiza’s mother (IG: carmencampuzanooficial)

“What more would I like because besides I have known Eiza since her mother carried her in her belly, his mommy was not just my manager, my coworker and we have a great friendship, great affection and I love Eiza very much and I have a very good relationship with her“, Also told the DJ in an interview for the program First hand.

Although he has not yet been able to interview the protagonist of the series Baby driver, Campuzano has already made his intentions known to Glenda Reyna, Eiza’s mother and former model.

“Surely you already found out about all this, The one I have had the opportunity to talk with is with her mommy, with Glenda Reyna, I was with her a little bit ago, three days ago, talking about all this issue and there are also many things that have to be seen so that she can play a role, “said the famous.

(Photo: Apple TV +)
Eiza González has also been considered to give life to María Félix (Photo: Apple TV +)

Regarding the fact that the mother of the protagonist of the telenovela Lola: once upon a time does not give statements to the media about issues regarding her famous daughter, Campuzano applauded the decision to keep her out of Eiza’s career :

It doesn’t seem like a scandal to me, I know Glenda, I love her, I respect her, I do not know that there has been any scandal, but I think it is wonderful that she stays on the sidelines of some things, because she is a person who has a thousand things to attend to, she is a person who has attends to the issues of her representation agency with her artists , When she has nothing to say, it is better to keep her mouth shut”, He highlighted.

Regarding Eiza, who since she has stood out in Hollywood in addition to praise and recognition has also received some criticism for her appearance, which is said to have abused surgeries or aesthetic treatments, the model defended her by highlighting her artistic talent:

Eiza and her mother, Glenda Reyna, have been very close to the world of fashion (IG: eizagonzalez)
Eiza and her mother, Glenda Reyna, have been very close to the world of fashion (IG: eizagonzalez)

“Eiza is a very talented girl, she was born with a lot of talent, she has worked for it, she has prepared with passion, with total dedication, I think that the teasing that is done to her for a certain thing that I am sure must be completely absurd, that she does not do case. This is so and she has to move on because she is a wonderful girl, I do not see absolutely any question to make fun of her, “said the controversial model.

For its part, the Campuzano project is not the only bioseries for which Eiza has been considered, it recently emerged that the Mexican would be contemplated to give life to María Félix in a forthcoming audiovisual work of which rumors have been generated regarding the legitimacy of the Same as for copyright.


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