Why Carmen Muñoz stopped appearing on TV Azteca and what will happen to her

Carmen Munoz She established herself as the presenter of the TV Azteca signal in the evening hours, but the times of success came to an end, and she decided to do so.

He triumphed with ‘Falling in love’, he even saved ‘Mimí Contigo’ in the middle of the pandemic, and gave his best work in ‘To the extreme’, but for a couple of weeks we stopped seeing it on the screen.

Pati Chapoy confirmed that Carmen asked, “about 10 days ago, authorization to be absent for a season since her mother suffered a fall and her father is in serious health. She moves to Guadalajara.”

However, TV Azteca summoned her to sign her new contract, but Carmen decided not to. “She returned and made the decision not to sign that contract and she is no longer going to work here,” said Chapoy in ‘Ventaneando’.

“She in a very clear way said that she simply did not want to continue, she wanted to dedicate herself to writing books, she said that at this moment she was leaving.”

“He was asked if he had an offer, and the answer was ‘not today, I don’t know tomorrow,'” explained Pati Chapoy.

In social networks, there is already talk that Carmen was offered a job in other networks, including Televisa. The truth, and the only thing that she has confirmed, is that your family is the priority.

This was said in a publication on social networks where she appears with her husband, actor Juan Ángel Esparza and her daughter Cosette.