Why Christian Pulisic, the executioner of the Tricolor, dislikes his nickname

Christian Pulisic was key in the match against Mexico (Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski / Reuters) (Trevor Ruszkowski /)

Christian pulisic He has remained present in the memory of his compatriots for being one of the national talents that they glimpse abroad and who ranks as one of the most outstanding footballers on the European continent.

However, in recent months he has also become someone impossible to forget for the Mexican fans, as the midfielder of the England Premier League Chelsea has become the executioner of the team led by Gerardo Martino. First, he was the one who sentenced the final of the Nations League in his favor last summer and, recently, he was in charge of opening the scoring in favor of the USA against Mexico in the playoffs heading to the Qatar World Cup 2022.

With the outstanding performances, the footballer has earned the famous nickname of the new Captain America. In such a way that the nickname that was originally occupied by Landon Donovan.

However, Pulisic has drawn attention by stating that he does not like to be called in such a way, because he does not feel good with that nickname despite being the flagship man in the attack of the United States national team. Although this nickname has already accompanied him for some years of his career, Christian is uncomfortable with him.

Pulisic has become a flagship player in the United States (Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel / Reuters)
Pulisic has become a flagship player in the United States (Photo: Christopher Hanewinckel / Reuters) (Christopher Hanewinckel /)

I’m not a fan of being called that, to be honest, especially by my teammates, “said the player in an interview with GQ when asked about the subject.

Throughout the qualifying heats for the world Cup which took place in Russia during 2018, the Stars and Stripes squad could not reach the ticket for the summer contest. According to different reports from that year, several players watched Pulisic cry for the result they achieved on the last day of qualifying in Concacaf and in which they let go of the possibility of getting on the plane heading to the land of the tsars.

One of the harshest critics of the players of that squad who did not get their ticket to the fair was Alexis Lalas, the former soccer player and commander of the national teams of the United States in the nineties. “They’re a bunch of tattooed, smooth, underperforming millionaires. That includes you too, Wonder Boy (Pulisic), ”Lalas said.

This action upset the “10” of the United States today and in the same interview for GC He talked about that statement from Alexis.

(Photo: Twitter / @ FerCevallosF)
The celebration in response to Guillermo Ochoa (Photo: Twitter / @ FerCevallosF)

“The worst thing you can hear is, ‘They just don’t care. They didn’t try hard enough. Because I felt that I gave everything I had and it was not enough … I was pressured because I wanted to be that player that everyone wanted out, “said the current second most expensive player in Concacaf.

Before the duel in front of the Mexican team last Friday, Guillermo Ochoa He assured that the US squad has become a simple reflection of the Mexican team. During the same commitment, Pulisic himself celebrated with a strong message “The man in the mirror”, by way of answer.

“I think you know the message. There is no need to talk so much about it, it is not a very big thing. I’m not trying to cause controversy, it was just an idea that popped into my head and that I actually wrote on the mirror. Just kidding, someone did it for me “, declared the player of the Chelsea after the meeting.


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