Why did Benito Castro decide to use that stage name?

The actor and singer Benito Castro has died at the age of 77. It was the entertainment journalist Pati Chapoy who confirmed the news through her social networks.

Benito Castro was born in 1946 in Mexico City and his fame began to take off in the sixties where he was part of the group Los Hermanos Castro.

His real name is Arturo and he decided to call himself ‘Benito’ in an artistic way in honor of his father.
My father was born on March 21 and as a child they called him ‘El Beno’ because of the birth of Benito Juárez.

So they called my dad ‘El Beno’.

And Jorge Castro, who was very bad-tempered and very annoying, to make me angry he called me Benito, because for him it was an Indian’s name. He was just Jorge the scrubber,” he said in the program The minute that changed my destiny.

His father suggested that he have a stage name so as not to be overshadowed by his relatives.

Then my dad told me: ‘You have to find a professional stage name because if not you will never stop being Arturo the son of the mustache, or Arturo the cousin of Arturo Castro.

Because Arturo Castro is already established, he is the composer and director of the Castro brothers.’ (I told him) call me Benito, you like him so much.”

His father explained to him the meaning of Benito and now he is very grateful because that name has given him a lot.