Why did Juan Osorio and Niurka, Emilio’s parents from ‘The House of Famous Mexico’, divorce?

During an interview, Niurka opened up and talked about her separation from Juan Osorio.


Emilio Osorio, son of Niurka and Juan Osorio, is currently participating in the reality show “La casa de los famosos México”, becoming one of the favorite members of the fans of this program.

One of the moments that most moved the followers of “The house of the famous MexicoIt was when they showed a photo to Emilio Osorio with his girlfriend, Karol Sevilla, something that moved him to tears; Well, despite the fact that they separated in 2022, Emilio confessed to his reality show partners that they both continue to see each other, so the flame of love continues to burn.

Both Niurka and Juan Osorio have supported their son during his stay in “The House of Famous Mexico”and even the vedette highlighted the mature behavior of her son, one of the youngest members of the reality show, at 20 years old.


John Osorio and Niurka Marcos were one of the spoiled couples of show business; however, after five years of relationship they decided to divorce. The marriage only had one son: Emilio Osorio. And despite the fact that many rumors were released about this media separation at the time, it was the television producer himself who decided to clarify everything: Why did they get divorced?

“One day he said: ‘you are no longer useful to me’ and that is why I withdrew from his life, because he told me that I am no longer useful”

Do you remember Bobby Larios? Since 2003, it began to be rumored that Niurka had been unfaithful to Juan Osorio with the dancer; It was even said that Emilio was actually the son of the Guadalajara; However, this version was denied by the television producer, who insisted in the post-gala of “The House of Famous Mexico” on this subject: Niurka did not leave him or was unfaithful to him.

So why did Niurka and Juan Osorio get divorced? In a chapter of “Historias engarzadas”, the Cuban herself spoke about the subject and was clear: She was never in love with Juan Osorio.

According to the star, I was just impressed for his gentlemanly manners and for how he accepted her with his children, a feeling that he confused with love. On the other hand, there was a very serious matter that ended up fragmenting the relationship: the drug addiction he had. A phrase from Juan Osorio was decisive for her.

“If I could get into someone, it would be Juan Osorio because he is important to me, because he is the father of my son. Because one day he said: ‘you are no longer useful to me’ and that is why I withdrew from his life, because he told me that I am no longer useful, ”Niurka recalled in the interview.