Why did Karely Ruiz disappear from Instagram?

Karely Ruiz disappears from Instagram


Karely Ruiz has not shared her daring poses on Instagram for several days

Karely Ruiz is one of the most popular Mexican models on social networks, after she became a real star on instagram for his hot photographs; However, for a few weeks now He disappeared from the platform after making a strong revelation about his future.

The 22-year-old from Monterrey did not hesitate to create an alternate account so as not to stop spoiling her millions of fans, who believe that the platform Meta closed his profile due to the daring poses he publishedbetween photographs and videos that left nothing to the imagination.

And to the surprise of many, Karely’s alternate Instagram account is also not displayed in the social network’s search engine and this could trigger a heavy loss of money in the company’s wallet. adult content creator.

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Karely Ruiz seeks to become a mother

Days before this situation, in an interview for the program ‘Es Show’, by Ernesto Chavana, Karely Ruiz confessed that motherhood is one of her short-term plansafter she was questioned about how she sees herself in the future.

The TikToker, also a tiktoker, stated that she hopes to continue being successful, but wants to share her happiness with a son or daughter. “(I visualize myself) succeeding… with my son, I want to be a mother, I already want to be a mother… because it is one of my dreams. I feel like I’ve already enjoyed it and I’ve already lived, being a mother is one of my dreams,” declared the model from Monterrey.

Also, Karely set conditions for the future father of the baby. And the thing is, he would like the lucky one to be “with colored eyes, straight, white, pretty,” so that the boy or girl has the dad’s features.

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