Why did Sergio Basteri and Luis Miguel stop talking to each other?

Sergio Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, reappeared publicly after several years.

‘The Doctor’ talks about the breakup between Sergio Basteri and Luis Miguel.

Sergio Gallego Basteriyounger brother of Luis Miguelwas captured at the Guadalajara airport, Mexico, after more than 15 years of being away from the spotlight.

Sergio Basteri was accompanied by Octavio Foncerrada, known as ‘The Doctor’who has taken care of him from an early age, at the request of Luis Migueldue to his musical commitments and that at that time his other brother, Alejandro Basterihe was still too young to give him that responsibility and his mother, Marcela Basteriwas already missing.

The last:

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Sergio asked the reporter to stop questioning him and to stop recording him, but what caught his attention was that Sergio Basteri’s tone of voice is identical to that of his brother, Micky.

“I am not a public figure and I ask you to simply leave me alone… OK, okay, okay, thank you,” he said.


Octavio Foncerrada ‘The Doctor’ reappeared before the cameras and revealed to ‘Ventaneando’ that when they lived in Boston, Sergio Basteri and he, they never stopped having contact with ‘Sun’for 10 years, but something broke along the way.

“All the holidays… Sergio was going to come in, he was going to study Lawshe wanted to study AnthropologyThe kid had a situation with a couple, I think it was the one that exposed him the most, and that same couple invented that he was going to commit suicide or I don’t know what, he went to see her, he was in NYand we from Boston went to New York…”

“Last December, he (Luis Miguel) told me that he wanted to buy a house in England, that I should find a university in England for Sergio to study Law, because Anthropologists had no future, so that I could work with him, but he didn’t. He was very happy, he was upset, Sergio told him: ‘Wait for me a little while, no’… And there was a distancing. From New York we came to Boston and two or three days later they told us that we had delivered everything.”

At the same time, during the interview, Foncerrada He nodded his head to what the journalist Pati Chapoy later told him: “Luis Miguel was no longer going to have the responsibility of supporting and educating him, he cut off his allowance, and that’s when they returned to Guadalajara; Luis Miguel wants to know where they are going, the answer was to Guadalajara with the doctor’s family.”