Why did Solari see it as “good” to eliminate the away goal for América vs Pumas

America is already preparing his quarterfinal duel against Cougars. The appointment will be, first, in the University Olympic Stadium, and then in the Aztec stadium. The conditions of home or visitor will only have different which fans have more weight, because the MX League decided to remove the famous “away goal” for the league. Scream Mexico 2021.

Helmsman Cream blue, Santiago Solari, spoke about that decision and was happy about it. The Argentine believes that eliminating the away goal benefits the sports justice and to regularity during the campaign; remember that your team was classified as the absolute leader.

“Last year the relevance could not be measured much because when there was the issue of the away goal, sometimes it was not known what was convenient, whether to play home or to speculate, or to know the result to plan the second leg. It seems to me that the decision is correct because it applies a criterion of sports justice and gives entity to the long part of the league, to regularity, “said Solari for Liga MX.

Solari is looking for his first championship with América (Photo: Carlos Ramírez / EFE) (CARLOS RAMÍREZ /)

The fact that Santiago sees the null value of the away goal as a good decision reminds us of what happened last semester. America reached the quarterfinals of the Guardians 2021 and it was measured at Tuzos from Pachuca. In the first leg the Eagles were defeated by a resounding 3 to 1 in the Hidalgo Stadium.

For the game back in the Aztec stadiumAmerica had a difficult challenge but knew how to row against the current and get closer to the goal. In fact, up to a point in the encounter, they had succeeded. However, Gustavo Cabral converted the second away goal for the Hidalgo and sentenced the bird’s chances. The final score of the second game was 4 to 2, leaving an overall score of 5 to 5: The pass was taken by Pachuca for away goals.

Now, with the abolition of this new rule, games can be lived without so much mathematical analysis. Whoever is the winner of the two accumulated matches advances. In the event of a tie, whoever remains will go to the next round best position on the table after 17 days; this handicap It will be valid in the quarterfinals and semifinals, in the final, penalties they will be the ones to break a possible tie.

Sebastián Córdova (Photo: Club América)
America did not close the regular phase in the strongest way (Photo: Club América)

Coapa’s team carries significant pressure, being the most constant in the tournament. They will face a team, which despite its irregularity, reached the quarterfinals and maintains a good rhythm after throwing Toluca at home.

In one more edition of Classic Capitalino, America will try to raise the cup after its recent failure in the CONCACAF Champions League. Falling against Monterrey shook and fueled questions for the team led by Santiago Solari. For many, the requirement of the Storm bird It does not only lie in arriving and competing, it is necessary to win, because in case of not doing so it is a total failure.

The first match of the phase between the two capital squads will be played this Wednesday, November 24 in Ciudad Universitaria, at 7:00 p.m. (Central Mexico time; the second will be at the Azteca Stadium on Saturday, November 27, equal to 7:00 p.m.


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