Why did the author of One Piece ban romances in the Netflix series?

One Piece is now available on Netflix

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The author of the successful manga did not want to see romance on the screen for a simple reason

‘One Piece’ came to Netflix a few days ago and immediately it was placed in the top 10 of the most watched series; however, Eiichiro Oda, manga author, caused a stir on social media. And it is that, forbade romances between the protagonists.

In an interview with ‘TV Line’, Steven Maeda, producer of the successful series, confirmed the request of Eiichiro Oda, who made the manga a worldwide success.

“One of the mandates of Eiichiro Oda was against romance in the team. That’s a hard no, as far as the manga and the live-action show go… It was because they just had great chemistry together, but that certainly wasn’t the intention,” said Steven Maeda.

Many ‘One Piece’ fans noticed the harmony between the actors of “Zoro” and “Nami”, who were played by Mackenyu Maeda and Emily Rudd; both did a magnificent job, so there was speculation about a alleged courtship.

“The thing is the chemistry between Mackenyu and Emily was good, and there was no intention to make it seem like a romantic element. You are free to read and feel what you want from the series. That is the grace of television”, added the producer of the series.

What is One Piece about, the Netflix series?

He live action of ‘One Piece’ tells the adventures of “Monkey D Luffy” and his crew of pirates, who are looking for the greatest treasure in the world called One Piece.

The story takes place in a world of islands, pirates and fantastic creatures, where the main characters face their enemies in epic challenges. Themes such as friendship, perseverance, justice and the pursuit of personal dreams are reflected in each of the eight chapters from the hit series.