Why didn’t Camilo Blanes act in ‘Camilo Superstar’, his father Camilo Sesto’s series?

Camilo Sesto is the father of Camilo Blanes, also known as “Camilín”

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Camilo Blanes did not participate in the series ‘Camilo Superstar’, which will premiere on September 22 at a famous film festival

Camilo Blanes caused a stir by not acting in ‘Camilo Superstar’the series his father’s Camilo Sesto. This production will premiere on September 22 at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

Atresmedia was the production company in charge of carrying out the project, which took as its main focus the year in which Camilo Sesto took the risk of bringing the international musical to Spain. ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.

However, among the fans of the interpreter of ‘Jamás’, ‘Algo de mí’ and ‘Melina’, among other hits, the question arose as to why his own son did not participate in this series that promises a lot. In addition, the young man had decided to follow in the musical footsteps of his father.

The reason why Camilo Blanes did not act in ‘Camilo Superstar’

Camilo Blanesalso known as “Camilín”, He did not act in the series ‘Camilo Superstar’, although it had been speculated that he could play his father due to the physical resemblance. The main reason why Blanes did not participate in the project is for its excesses.

Furthermore, he has not been seen publicly for a long time, although his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, assured that he is fine. “I am sorry that they are here wasting time, but everything is very good. It’s fine, ”she said in a recent meeting with the Spanish press.

In said interview, Lourdes also considered that the actor Alejandro Jato He was a very good choice to star in the series ‘Camilo Superstar’, as he took into account the young man’s talent and physical resemblance to his former partner.

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