Why do people choose to buy online in Mexico?

One of the biggest transformations of the COVID-19 pandemic has to do with the way you buy and sell. Thanks to accelerated access to banking and the benefits granted by e-commercetoday more and more people decide to make their purchases via the web.

In this article, we will see what are the factors that lead people in Mexico to choose this way of buying and what online companies can do to continue attracting customers. In addition, we will delve into how to avoid fraud and scams that arise in parallel to the e-commerce.

The rise of e-commerce in Mexico

In 2020, the rise of strict quarantine measures in Mexico and most of the world led to a boom in online sales. In the context of the pandemic, many companies had to close their physical stores and turn their activities to the web. After the gradual return to normality, however, a good number of companies have decided to remain in online commerce.

But what are the statistics? e-commerce? According to an e-Marketer study, Latin America experienced “abnormally” outstanding growth in the e-commerce during that first year of pandemic, growing by 36.7%. The figure is higher than the world average, located at 27.6%.

In 2021, the trend continued: Latin America once again positioned itself as the region with the highest growth in e-commerce, with 35%. That year, Mexico showed unprecedented acceleration. According to ECLAC, electronic commerce generated a total of 401.3 billion Mexican pesos, which represented 11.3% of the total retail channel in Mexico. According to Statista, Mexico City is the location where the largest number of digital commercial transactions were registered (30%), followed by the Mexican southeast (18%) and the west and center of the country (17%).

What happened in 2022? Did the trend continue? The answer is yes: an AMI analysis showed that electronic commerce in Mexico had an increase of 25% compared to 2021 and reached 60.8 billion US dollars. By 2023, experts estimate that the percentage will fall by 9%; In any case, they continue to be very important numbers.

Why do people choose to shop online?

But why does it grow? e-commerce? There are a number of factors that make more and more people decide to buy online.

  • Greater penetration of digital devices in the population. Mexico currently has about 130 million inhabitants, of which 80% have a cell phone that allows them to make purchases online.
  • More security. Online businesses guarantee the security of transactions thanks to measures such as the HTTPS protocol, the SSL protocol or the KYC verification process, which consists of verifying the identity of the user who tries to enter the e-commerce.
  • An accelerated banking. In recent years, and especially since the pandemic, many people have had to acquire bank accounts to collect their salaries, pay taxes or make transfers. This has made more people have access to virtual shops.
  • accessible catalogs. The e-commerce They usually contain search filters so that the purchase of a product is as intuitive as possible. This means that anyone can buy online with just a few clicks.
  • Door to door shipments. Most of the companies that sell online have a courier service that carries out dispatches and shipments. These companies offer alternative days and times, allowing the customer to receive the product at the door of their house at the time they want.
  • Discounts and promotions. Online companies usually offer great discounts on special dates such as the Good End or Black Friday. In addition, when making an online payment, a customer can choose how the payment will be made, what interest a financing would have and which banks offer the best discounts. In general, in a physical store it is much more difficult to be aware of all the offers and promotions of banks and cards.
  • reviews. Undoubtedly, there are many people who carefully read the reviews of a business before buying from it. Google reviews, posted by clients, are usually a fairly reliable parameter of what a potential client could find in the business.

What can they do e-commerce to continue attracting customers?

There are many strategies that can be carried out to continue attracting customers in a virtual store. For example:

  • Offer product information. When shopping online, a customer seeks as much clarity as possible. Therefore, it is essential that the product sheets in the catalogs contain all the necessary details about the item for sale.
  • Publish clear prices. In addition to the information of the products, the prices also have to be very clear. On the payment screen, it is important that the exact amount of the charge is specified, with and without taxes or discounts applied.
  • Invest in security. Unfortunately, online fraud continues to grow in the e-commerce: in Latin America, the attacks of bots they increased by 83% in 2022. Therefore, security must be a central aspect of any company and must be a fundamental part of its policies.
  • Have good customer service. It is proven that people choose companies based on their experience in customer service. For this reason, it is recommended that online companies have an exceptional service and make available various communication channels, such as telephones, chats and social networks.
  • Use retention strategies. There are many techniques and tools that can be used to attract customers. Most of them are the work of a digital marketing team, and include SEO and SEM strategies.

The e-commerce It has grown a lot and, by all odds, it will continue to do so. For this reason, it is important that businesses comply with a series of key characteristics that will allow them to attract more customers. Within these characteristics, aspects such as security are essential, since they will guarantee the confidentiality of the transactions carried out within the platform.