Why does Apple have a bitten apple in its image?

Apple logo. (photo: LogoMyWay)

A few months ago, Manzana celebrated its 46th anniversary as a brand, known for its Logo minimalistic apple. This image is a fundamental characteristic of the company, because many times care has been taken to present it both in design and image, in addition to providing users with an experience.

Likewise, many followers and users of Apple once wondered why the brand’s apple looks bitten, so Infobae brings the answers below.

What is the origin of the current Apple logo

The logo that brings to life the most popular Apple brand in the world is designed by Rob Janoff. Until 2009 he dared to talk about its origin, calling it an urban legend. “It’s a wonderful urban legend.”

Rob Janoff, creator of the second Apple logo being the bitten apple.  (photo: Logo Design Love)
Rob Janoff, creator of the second Apple logo being the bitten apple. (photo: Logo Design Love)

Since the Apple logo is so popular, any image of an apple is immediately associated with this famous apple-producing company. iPhone, iPad, macbook and more. Especially if you have a bite, so in this case you have to explain two things: the origin of the apple and the bite.

Among the many myths that plague Internetit has been said that it was a tribute to Alan Turing, the British mathematician who broke Nazi law and played a major role during World War II. Turing died in 1952 after being poisoned by eating an apple laced with cyanide.

People say that Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple company, loved that character very much and left his mark on him. Among other myths, they refer to the “forbidden apple” of Adam and Eve, which appears in the Bible.

Steve Jobs.  (photo: Apple)
Steve Jobs. (photo: Apple) (APPLE/)

What does Rob Janoff say about the bite of the apple

According to Janoff, he designed the bite in the apple to differentiate it through proportion and scale from any other fruit. In addition, in the original logo, the apple adapts to the letter “a” through this bite and if you want to look for more symbolisms, bite in English is “bite”, a word very similar to “byte”.

The designer stated that the bite “gives a clear indication that it is an apple” because the size of the fruit could cause it to be mistaken for a cherry or other round fruit. In addition, the apple bite allows the logo be small to fit devices of different sizes. Therefore, the Apple apple has no meaning apart from its contribution to the brand.

Apple logo.  (photo: pling.com)
Apple logo. (photo: pling.com)

And what is the story behind the first Apple logo

The first logo had the image of Isaac Newton and was designed, in 1976, by ronald wayneone of the founding partners of Apple, along with Steve Wozniack Y Steve Jobs. In the image, which was used for just one year, Newton was next to the tree with the apple, the name of the company and a phrase that said: “a mind always traveling through the strange seas of thought.”

“I knew at the time I wasn’t making a logo for the 20th century, it was a 19th century logo, but it was fun. Everything we did at the beginning was for fun, ”said the author of the logo in an interview published by Vice in 2017.

He said that back then he felt like he was standing in the shadow of giants, alluding to jobs Y Wozniakwho were 20 years younger than him.

This was the first Apple logo
This was the first Apple logo

“That’s how I made this pen and ink sketch. I was trying to capture Newton and the apple, Suddenly a great idea is born. He was essentially an analyst of the natural sciences. He delved into optics and gravity. He built a text on explaining mechanics and mathematics, why cannonballs behave the way they do, etc,” he explained. Wayne.

He also added the following: “the direct correlation is Newton and the apple trigger the idea. Woz and Jobs were participants in a hobbyist group that was downsizing business computers to personal computers. And Woz focused on an ultra-simple circuit design. Jobs insisted on the word apple, and I made the connection to Newton’s apple.”

Ronald Wayne, creator of the first Apple logo
Ronald Wayne, creator of the first Apple logo

The design sought to capture the essence of science, so he thought of Newton, as a relevant scientist of the subject. He also linked it directly to the apple that was at the center of the ideas. The idea was brilliant and fun, but after a year they decided to completely renew the image and it was replaced by bitten fruit. Not only did Newton leave Apple’s image, but also the creator of that logo.

In fact, Wayne was only with the company for a few weeks. When he left, he sold his 10% stake in the company for $800. Later, he signed a document where he waived the right to make any subsequent economic claim. If he had kept his stake in Apple today, he would have a few billion dollars to his name.


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