Why does Evan Peters no longer want to play serial killer roles?

Evan Peters starred in ‘Dahmer’, a hit Netflix series


Evan Peters has a strong reason not to play serial killer roles for a long time

Evan Petersknown for being the protagonist of ‘Dahmer’the series of Netflix for which he received immense praise after playing a serial killer, has decided to stay away from dark and disturbing roles for his mental health.

The actor, who also gave life to “Quicksilver” in the world of the X-Men, is ready to leave behind the roles of serial killersdespite the fact that he has earned public recognition and even more so when he played the feared “Jeffrey Dahmer”.

Peters, is willing to find some peace for your mental healthso he already has a new plan for his career, which includes simpler and more relaxed characters.

Evan Peters and the plan he has for his career

After he received a Golden Globe for his performance in ‘Dahmer,’ Evan Peters He revealed that this role caused him considerable emotional exhaustion, so he had to take therapy to overcome this problem.

“It was kind of a farewell to that moment of working hard on things like that, and now I’m going to try to change. Anything in the light, I just try to stay out of the darkness for a while,” the actor, 36, said in an interview for ‘Deadline.’

I’m going to take a break from dark roles and explore the light… It would be interesting to act in something closer to home, a little more mundane and explore the details of those types of experiences,” he commented to ‘Variety’.

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Also, Evan Peters would consider return to the world of marvelalthough at the moment there are no plans for us to see him in a new film of the ‘X-Men’ saga‘.