Why does Paris Hilton’s baby have a big head?

Concern for Paris Hilton’s son.

Paris Hilton fans are worried about her baby’s health, as the child, named Phoenix, could be suffering from a serious illness.

After Paris Hilton published a photo with his son, the result of surrogacy (surrogacy) of her relationship with her husband Carter Reumfollowers of the singer began to become alarmed and speculate that the child could have Hydrocephalus or Macrocephaly.

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What is hydrocephalus?

According to specialists, hydrocephalus It is a disease that causes excessive accumulation of fluid within the deep cavities (ventricles) of the brain. Excess fluid increases the size of the ventricles and puts pressure on the brain, and can be associated with some learning difficulties such as problems with concentration, reasoning, short-term memory, coordination and motivation.

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What is Macrocephaly?

Specialists point out that it is a condition characterized by the size of the head significantly larger than the average for its age. It can have a variety of causes, including genetic abnormalities, infections during pregnancy, and problems during childbirth. In some cases, this condition may be associated with serious brain diseases.

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Signs and symptoms of macrocephaly include an increase in head size, developmental delay, lack of head control, difficulty walking, eye changes, and seizures.

Macrocephaly does not always imply a serious disease, as sometimes the head is simply larger without the brain being affected.

At the moment, the American socialite She has not commented on the alleged illnesses that her baby could have.