Why Don King has a driver’s license from Texcoco

Mexico has strengthened ties and special relationships with historical figures abroad thanks to sports, specifically the boxing. In fact, Donald King, the historic promoter of the best boxers in the world, has a special bond and affection for the tricolor country. In one of his wanderings through the territory, obtained his driver’s license issued by the municipality of Texcoco, State of Mexicoa region to which he is fond and even claims to have been born there.

In September 2019, through his verified Twitter account, Mauricio Sulaimán, current president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), released a video where Don King He showed off his driver’s license. The document is a reflection of the character’s esteem for the town, since in the place of birth section it appears “Texcoco, State of Mexico“, while the address corresponds to that of the Municipal Palace.

More than 3 thousand kilometers separate Ohio, the hometown of Don King, with Texcoco, the region that he adopted as his place of origin. However, thanks to his occupation, the promoter may have been on Mexican soil a lot of opportunities. The most significant was when he went to the horse Fairmade in the year 2011occasion in which he was accompanied by Joseph Sulaiman to the inauguration of the “Don King” Coliseum, where a series of fights for world titles were played.

“Don King” has an extensive history of visits to Mexico (Photo: Moisés Pablo/cuartoscuro.com) (Moisés Pablo/)

In that year, the person in charge of welcoming him was the municipal president Amado Acosta García. Between cameras and curious public, the characters related to the world of boxing met in one of the rooms of the municipal palace. The PRI politician recognized them as cultural promoters of the traditional event held year after year, for which he agreed give them the keys to the city and classify them as Distinguished Guests.

After the speech and thanks, Don King He took a walk through the corridors and went to the office of Acosta García. There he had the opportunity to sit down and ensure that “I am the Mayor and when the Mayor speaks, the people listen”. Moments later, the founder of the WBC got up from his chair and made public the affection that the American promoter has for Texcoco.

“Thank you for this beautiful act. Don Kingfrom the first occasion, he always said ‘I was born in Texcoco’ and has been saying so for many years. So you can’t imagine the emotion that I saw in him from this morning when we came. Even as I have rarely seen it, ”he declared before the cameras and the media.

DON KING - MEXICO - 01022022
King was one of the distinguished attendees at José Sulaimán’s funeral in January 2014 (Photo: cuartoscuro.com) (Cuartoscuro/)

After the tributes and having witnessed the fights that took place in the venue that bore his name, the controversial promoter received the document that accredits him as a private driver authorized by the municipality. With this, he has continued to claim the Mexican entity as his home.

Although it is the most recognized before the public, Texcoco de Mora is not the only municipality in the State of Mexico where chapters of its history have been written. In November 1994 Don King He was in charge of promoting the third fight in the saga between Humberto González and Michael Carbajal, at the Plaza de Toros México. After witnessing the victory of the petite, He attended a gathering organized at his home located in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl.

Besides the petite Gonzalez and Julio Cesar Chavezthe controversial Donald King was in charge of promoting characters like Muhammad AliMike TysonSugar Ray Leonard Robert DuranWilfredo Benitez, among others.


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