Why is it important to disinfect hearing aids?

Headphones can accumulate traces of dust, earwax and other impurities that put hearing health at risk

The frequency of use that headphones have, as well as direct contact with the ear, implies regular sanitization. Among the various reasons that exist, two main ones can be identified.

On the one hand, avoid infections derived from dirt, dust or earwax remains in the earpiece. Especially if they are used on the street and in public spaces.

On the other hand, extend the life of the device. Various manufacturers ensure that keeping the headphones and charging cases clean —in the event that they are wireless— favors their operation and duration.

Of course, care and precision must be taken during the process, in order to avoid moistening them. These devices tend to accumulate wax on the external rubber bands and on the grills, especially the intraural models, that is, those that are placed inside the ear.

According to a study in the Revista Pediatría de Atención Primaria, several factors favor the generation of wax plugs.

Among them, age, since the glands that produce it atrophy and the substance becomes drier. Also the obstacles that hinder their expulsion, such as hearing aids.