Why is Tiziano Ferro divorcing her husband, Víctor Allen? This is what we know

Tiziano Ferro is going through a difficult time.


Tiziano Ferro became a trend on social networks this Monday morning after he announced that will divorce her husband, Victor Allenwhom she married in 2019.

The announcement deeply impacted the entertainment world and revived a conflict that occurred in 2006, when Tiziano Ferro It occurred to him to say in an interview that Mexican women were “moustache,” thus closing the doors to the music market in our country.

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“In the last year I have been dealing with the painful separation from my husband Victor, in silence and isolation. “I have recently started divorce proceedings in Los Angeles,” reads the statement that Ferro published, in several languages, through his Instagram account.

Immediately, Fans began to wonder what had caused this sudden decision.because a little over a year ago they became parents of Margherita and Andrea.


Although in the official statement Tiziano Ferro does not offer further details about the causes of the divorceit is read that the singer has decided to carry out this process with the greatest discretion possible for the well-being of his children.

In social networksof course, the speculations have not been long in comingalthough the only specific thing that has been obtained so far is that Tiziano Ferro made it clear that he was the one who initiated the divorce processwhich gives an important clue.

A possible infidelity It is, so far, the version that sounds loudest on sites like Twitter, as well as conflicts due to the work schedule that both manage; However, it may be some time before the truth is known behind this separation that has already caused mixed reactions.