Why Iván Aguilera, the only heir of Juan Gabriel, is complicated by alleged fraud

Juan Gabriel died seven years ago, but the problems due to his inheritance do not stop.


john gabriel He died on August 28, 2016, leaving behind an important legacy in the music industry; Unfortunately, however, the legal issues surrounding his compositions continue to be a headache for his family.

As we told you on TVyNovelas in this week’s edition, Juan Gabriel received a emotional and well deserved Tribute in Ciudad Juárez on the occasion of his seventh death anniversary where various artists honored the “Divo de Juárez” performing his best songs, in addition to organizing a colorful parade with floats that was seen by hundreds of people.

However, Iván Aguilera, sole heir of john gabriel so far, he did not attend the event despite being invited. In his place came Jean Aguilera, who does not face legal disputes like his brother.

How did the problems around Iván Aguilera start? Here we have some details of this thorny case that has only further clouded the situation around Juan Gabriel and his inheritance.


A few months ago, the existence of a new will in which Juan Gabriel leaves his fortune distributed to his four children and not only to Iván Aguilera, as previously stipulated. The discovery of this document caused Silvia Urquidi, who worked for more than 20 years with Juan Gabriel, will sue Iván Aguilera and the lawyer Guillermo Pous for procedural fraud, document falsification and influence peddling.

However, the alleged new testament would not be the only problem for Iván Aguilera, because exclusively for TVyNovelas, the lawyer Guillermo Pous also initiated a process against the son of Juan Gabriel because You have not been paid for services rendered.

“Iván does not show his face, that’s why they sued him. In fact, that’s why I ended up being part of that lawsuit (the one about the will) because they initially named me as a witness; somehow for me Iván hired them and has not paid them either”, he told us in an interview that you can read in full in this week’s edition.

“After six years in which I solved absolutely all his personal, business and family problems, his, his wife, his father, his brothers, and having completely leveled land, obviously he no longer needed me. That is a reality, ”said the lawyer forcefully.


Regarding this lawsuit filed by a group of lawyers who accuse Iván Aguilera of not paying them for their services (since Guillermo Pous is not the only professional to whom they owe), Iván Aguilera was summoned to appear for questioning; however, he never appeared.

Iván Aguilera has assured that he does not have the money to pay his creditors and, after a hearing held on August 14, things took a different turn, since it will be a judge who will force Aguilera to face up and settle all his accounts.

In the event that Aguilera does not settle its debts, he could be removed as executor for the irregularities he has committed since he decided to assume that position as sole beneficiary. In the same way, Iván has a pending problem with his brother Jean since his other two brothers signed to renounce Juan Gabriel’s inheritance, something that was not necessary.