Why Marco Antonio Barrera and Terrible Morales believe that boxing surpassed soccer in Mexico

Marco Antonio Barrera and Érik Morales strongly criticized Mexican soccer. (Photos: Instagram @ marcobarrerat // UFC Spanish)

There is no doubt that the soccer and boxing are the most popular sports in Mexico. Both disciplines enjoy a privileged place among Aztec fans, who always turn on their screens when there is a special event: be it a match of the Mexican team or a fight of the best boxer of the moment.

Soccer has certain advantages. For example, a fan of your team may see you every week, sometimes even every three days. A fan of a boxer has to wait at least three or four months to see him on top of the ring. Of course, the boxing fan is usually very refined and sees all kinds of fights. In addition, the great variety of categories in the box provides the opportunity to see various fights.

Érik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera, former world champions, entered the debate on which of the two sports has brought more joy to the country. His verdict was very clear on the podcast One more round. “They have always been the most popular sports in Mexico”Morales said. “Mexican boxing has given more triumphs, it is worth ten times more,” argued Barrera, who also said that the disparity of spotlights between one sport and another seemed unfair.

“Before the business was soccer, and it continues to be, but today people see boxing directly through electronic media. Of course, soccer has a very special place, ”said Terrible Morales about the boom in boxing in Mexico.

(Photo: Chamber of Deputies)
El Terrible entered politics as a deputy. (Photo: Chamber of Deputies)

Barrera maintained his critical tone on the difference in achievements. For him, there is no doubt which of the two has been more successful. “There are eleven players, and they have given very little achievement. Mexico has produced 205 world champions ”. In addition, he pointed out that the physical and resistance demands are greater in the box. “Sport (boxing) is about contact. You get tired of being a footballer and what do you say: ‘Change’ ”, criticized Marco Antonio.

Morales, for his part, stressed that at a global level the quality of Aztec fighters enjoys wide prestige. “I must tell you that today, anywhere in the world, if there is not a Mexican on a card, it is useless,” he said. Barrera supported his sayings based on his recent experiences: “When you get to Las Vegas, the band to everything it gives. Mexican nights, the mariachi. It’s something we should do in Mexico: enjoy boxing as you enjoy soccer. “

“Today, Mexican boxing is very strong. The most watched boxing, the most elegant and the strongest, is the Mexican ”, declared the Terrible

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez is the main exponent of Mexican boxing today. (Photo: Caroline Brehman / EFE) (CAROLINE BREHMAN /)

Both former fighters also talked about why USA he is taking advantage of Mexico in soccer. “Because there, if they see qualities in you, they grant you immediately. There is support. Not here in Mexico. Sometimes you have talent, sometimes you have to be his nephew. If there were more help, Mexico would be a strong power, “said Barrera, who is a fan of the Chivas.

Érik Morales, who was a deputy for BrunetteHe mentioned that the government has a lot of influence in this type of decision. “It has a lot to do with school programs and with the issue of government. It has to do with education. They have great athletes, they force them to study and they give them scholarships ”.

Lastly, Marco Antonio Barrera urged fans to consume more boxing. “In short, watch more boxing than soccer. We have more achievements in boxing than in soccer. “, Barrera sentenced. “We are very happy in boxing. We are heads of bosses there ”, concluded the Terrible.


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