Why Martinoli admires David Faitelson

Martinoli confessed his admiration for Faitelson (Photo: Instagram / @ signingalotico / @ cmartinolimx)

Currently, one of the most recognized sportswriters by the football fans is Christian martinoli. With the driving of the Doctor Luis Garcia, Jorge Campos and Luis Roberto Alves Zague He has managed to position himself in the public’s taste, but behind his work there is a figure whom he admires.

Is about David faitelson, the controversial commentator of ESPN. Recently in an interview with Adela Micha for the program The Saga, Martinoli shared the reasons why he admires Faitelson’s work. Although on television he appears as a controversial and conflictive character, Martinoli said that behind the camera he is a different person.

“What David can represent you or not in the painting is minimal than he is as a commentator, journalist, analyst in this business”

Christian Martinoli and José Ramón Fernández
Christian Martinoli and José Ramón Fernández (Photo: Instagram / @ cmartinolimx)

Martinoli and Faitelson worked together on Aztec TV in the late nineties. When the Toluca fan joined the team of The protagonistsFaitelson was one of the experienced figures at the analyst table, and he was in charge of making the color notes.

So the sports journalist shared that he learned different dynamics from who his partner was in Aztec Sports.

For Christian, watching him work on the writing of the section impressed him and it was enough to admire his performance in his profession. He listed some of the qualities that the analyst of ESPN that lead him to be a figure within the guild.

David Faitelson attacks the owners of Liga MX (Photo: ESPN)
David Faitelson is a controversial ESPN commentator (Photo: ESPN)

Watching him work in the newsroom is shocking; The guy generates news for you, he is ahead, he has vision, he knows how to dynamite a table when he is lazy, it’s controversialIt is irreverent, often incongruous ”, described Martinoli in an interview with Adela Micha.

And it is that Christian Martinoli began in his first steps in sports journalism surrounded by different figures such as José Ramón Fernández, Roberto Gómez Junco, Faitelson, Emilio Fernando Alonso, André Marín, Antonio Rosique and else.

So learned different dynamics at work from the panel of experts, so he confessed that seeing David Faitelson at work allowed him to learn different secrets of the trade in sports journalism.

Luis García and Christian Martinoli
Martinoli managed to find a successful formula with Luis García (Photo: YouTube / @ TV Azteca Deportes)

But he clarified that at no time did he receive any kind of advice from Faitelson, since it was not part of his style to share advice with the rest of his teammates, but rather Martinoli He only learned it from seeing it in action.

“I learned too much from Faitelson, he never gave us advice on anything, no one or me, no one. But it was enough for you to observe them, you see them and say ‘this has to stick to you’ and Faitelson is an all-rounder ”, he acknowledged.

Regarding his relationship with Jose Ramon, admitted that he also learned from his teacher and explained that the vast majority of the sports journalism union had some relationship with him, as he became an icon of sports television.

Martinoli, José Ramón, Luis Garcia and Faitelson (Photo: Instagram / Cuartoscuro)
After the departure of Joserra and Faitelson, Christian Martinoli managed to connect with Doctor García (Photo: Instagram / Cuartoscuro)

Years later on the Ajusco television station, different internal situations led José Ramón to leave the company. Supposedly for some betrayals directed by André Marín. In 2006, after 33 years of working in Aztec TV he left.

Later Faitelson also imitated his teacher and both came to work in ESPN. Currently David Faitelson is one of the figures of Spicy Soccer and Chronometer, American television programs.

After the departure of Joserra and Faitelson, Christian martinoli managed to mate with the Doctor Garcia, with whom he formed a duo that achieved great popularity among Liga MX fans. Both found a formula that catapulted them to the popularity of the public taste, but Martinoli did not forget what he learned from Faitelson.


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