Why Tefi Valenzuela? Alicia Machado thundered with Christian Estrada

Alicia Machado thundered with Christian Estrada


One more! Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado, is added to the list of celebrities who have been Christian Estrada’s girlfriends and the relationship has not ended so well.

The actress and the VIP Hotel participant surprised when they announced at the beginning of the year that they were living a passionate romance as two teenagers. She was the one who took the first step and published several photos of her on her Instagram next to him very sweethearted in Miami.

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They lived in the United States, where Alicia resides and every time she traveled to Mexico City, Christian accompanied her and shared together. In fact, on several occasions they were caught at the airport together, at an event or having dinner.

But everything came to an end after five months of courtship; It was Alicia Machado herself who decided to publicly announce the break.


I’m floating on the disappointment of a love, but so strengthened to let me get caught by what I deserve! Without many explanations, I release what does not vibrate or is in tune with my values ​​as a person and I reconsider the opportunity to fall in love again but even stronger and with the necessary maturity to continue valuing myself as a woman and evolving! “, wrote the also businesswoman Venezuelan on Instagram.

Alicia, mother of a teenager, He did not delve into the details of the thunder, but made it clear that there were differences between the two.

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End of this simple story! Today ended the sentimental relationship that I shared with you with a lot of love and trusting fully! Today more than ever I refused to Harden my Soul, Today I refused to stop trusting and loving fully! Tomorrow will be a new day to continue working on my best version! I love you #siglewoman End Of Story!D,” she said.

And although neither of them has said anything about it. A video recently went viral in which Christian Estrada and Tefi Valenzuela starred in a hot kiss on the reality show Hotel VIP, something that could trigger jealousy. Was there infidelity?