Why the iPhone does not drop so much in price over time

Apple phones overall lost 69% on their initial asking price.

The second-hand market is an option for many buyers, but also a possibility that users seek to recover part of the money invested to buy a new mobile device. One study showed that the iphone They are the ones that have the least loss of value in this case.

SellCell was the organization in charge of the investigation in which it compared the behavior of cell phones from brands such as Apple, Samsung and Google in the second-hand markets, detailing its depreciation with respect to its launch date.

“Technology in general tends to lose value relatively quickly, as new models of smartphones and tablets appear all the time, each one improving on the previous generation with additional features and higher specifications,” he said. Sarah McConomydirector of operations of the company in charge of the study.

iPhone loses little value

In the results, high-end products launched in the last three years were taken as a reference. The phones of Manzana in general they lost 69% in their initial sale price to be resold as second hand devices.

Although the latest models are below that depreciation. The iPhone 13 Pro Maxwhich launched in September 2021, lost 44.6%, while the iPhone 14 Pro Maxthe latest model, dropped in price by 26.9%.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, the latest model released, dropped in price by 26.9%.
The iPhone 14 Pro Max, the latest model released, dropped in price by 26.9%.

This means that if a person buys the model 14 ProMax for $1,099, which is the official price, then you can sell it for about $802, losing $297 after about three uses, taking into account that the study had a cut-off date of December 2022.

According to McConomy This phenomenon is due to “the great demand and popularity of Apple products”, so for them “it is not surprising that they have reached the top in most categories this year.”

Otherwise it happens with brands like samsung. Its flagship 2022 phones, the Galaxy S22, lost between 58.9% and 63.3%, even though these devices were released early last year and were assessed for depreciation after 11 months.

A similar situation happened in the smartwatch market. The Apple Watch Series 7in 45 mm aluminum lost 71.2% of its market value, while the samsung watch 3 fell by 95.6%.

In the case of tablets, the iPad Pro 11 The third generation was the one that lost the lowest price after being purchased as new, depreciating 56.7%, taking into account that it was launched in 2021 and the study evaluated its value in December 2022.

The console loses 25% of its value on the second-hand market.
The console loses 25% of its value on the second-hand market.

Video game market outlook

The study also assessed the situation in the video game console sector and there sony had positive figures compared to its other two competitors.

For this case, only the current generation and the two consoles of Nintendo most recent, which were the losers of the investigation, taking into account that they belong to an older generation and that they were launched more than four years ago.

These were the devaluation percentages:

– PlayStation 5 (25%)

– Xbox Series X (36%)

– Nintendo Switch (43.3%)

– Xbox Series S (53.3%)

– Nintendo Switch Lite (65%)

What is achieved by the device sony It not only positioned it as the console with the least devaluation, but also with the technological device that lost the least market value of the entire study.

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