Why the romance between Canelo Álvarez and Marisol González ended

Canelo had a relationship with the presenter for about a year (Photos: Instagram @canelo / @marisolglzc)

Saul Alvarez He is currently at the peak of his career, which has been full of sporting and financial achievements, controversies and spectacular moments. The characteristic way of being of Canelo It has brought him some signs outside the ring and even in his affective relationships.

The boxer from Guadalajara has had many relationships that have positioned themselves at the center of interest in the national entertainment media. One of the most notorious is the courtship he had in the early years of his career with the Televisa host, Marisol González.

The fame of both characters led them to have different problems in a relationship that lasted an estimated one year between 2011 and 2012. In addition, the boxer had only 19 years old at the time and the TV presenter 26 years old. Although at the beginning this age difference did not mean a problem for the couple due to the “maturity” that the Canelo demonstrated, Over time the different ways of thinking attracted problems in the relationship.

Canelo Alvarez vs Billy Joe Sanders 05-08-2021
Canelo is one of the best boxers in the world today (Photo: Ed MULHOLLAND / AFP) (ED MULHOLLAND /)

“When you were talking to him, You never noticed that he was a person who was youngerHe was always too mature … He was always a very noble, admirable person, in every way a great person ”, expressed Marisol González in an interview with María Patricia Castañeda in March 2021.

The seven-year distance between them and “Intense” attitudes, accompanied by jealousy, ended up wearing down the relationship. Despite this, both the behavior and the fighter tried to continue with their courtship after several breakups.

“We lasted about a year well and then afterwards between cutting and returning, who knows … I feel that at that moment … ages do play a role suddenly..., I think she was suddenly half intense with him … we were both very jealous of each other “, confessed the current member of the Hoy program.

Months before the final break, Álvarez proposed to Marisol. However, despite the fact that the driver agreed to be his fiancée, she always remained with doubts about the future of her relationship with him. Canelo. The main reason for these questions was based on the youth of the Mexican boxer and the path he still had to live.

Finally, after their breakup was confirmed, the presenter was given the opportunity to get to know the former soccer player in a better way Rafael Marquez Lugo, with whom he had already had some friendly approaches. Shortly after, their courtship would be confirmed and they are currently happily married in a marriage with children.

Farewell to Marisol González de Hoy
Marisol González is one of the presenters of the Hoy program (Photo: Captura Programa Hoy) (Captura Programa Hoy /)

We started talking and like a year of friends and this and the other, until one day we gave ourselves the opportunity to meet. We know each other and I still return with Saúl, until later I had the opportunity to get to know him well and everything had moved me, I said, no longer, I’d better go for the Chivas ”, Marisol commented regarding the beginning of her relationship with Márquez Lugo.

Ten years after that controversial and fleeting romance, the Canelo He managed to appear in the world of international boxing and turn his name into one of the most important economic emporiums in the industry. He is currently married to Fernanda Gómez Martínez, who is the mother of her youngest daughter.

Fernanda Gómez is a 24-year-old Mexican model born in Guadalajara. He also has more than 300 thousand followers on his Instagram account, which he takes advantage of to promote clothing and footwear brands. Despite having some problems, the relationship has endured since 2016.


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