Why they censored “La Más Draga 4” on Youtube

Tatiana was the guest judge (Photo: Screenshot / The most dredge)

The end of the fourth season of “The Most Draga” and Chapter 9 had more controversy than usual due to a sudden YouTube censorship that prevented the show’s premiere on time.

For those who follow it week by week You will know that it is usually broadcast on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. However, shortly before it began, an announcement was made from Twitter in which Tatiana was mentioned, who would be the guest judge on this occasion.

“Help @TatianaPalacios !!! They blocked the chapter”Wrote the show organizers.

Due to the shared image, the reason why the transmission was not allowed was due to a copyright infringement, as the songs were used I don’t want to bathe and The yard of my house.

For its part, Tatiana quickly positioned herself and regretted the technical delays that were being presented.

My face when seeing that YouTube censored us in @lamasdraga for not wanting to bathe. We keep trying to solve, anyway one queen is never late, the others are early. #We stay, “he wrote from his social networks.

Minutes later, the production of The most dredge stressed that they had an alternative to upload the chapter.

the most dredge
The episode started an hour late (Photo: Screenshot / The most dredge)

Apparently we will do a live broadcast on YouTube So that you can see it, give us a few minutes, we are working on that because if we had everything normal and suddenly the label blocked it, we are solving it, thanks for your patience ”, they pointed out.

Thus, at 10:00 p.m. started the chapter that had as its theme “The most cri-cri” referring to Francisco Gabilondo Soler and the characters that the Mexican created through his children’s songs.

Nevertheless, Lupita Kush was the eliminated one of the night, But since it was her birthday, Tatiana did not let her leave empty-handed and got up to sing “las mañanitas” to the participant.

After several weeks where The Most Dredger 4 was immersed in strong controversy for inviting Bárbara de Regil and Yuri. The reality began to look for more beloved characters within the Mexican screens, a few weeks ago they invited the actress Regina Blandón and to “Capi” Pérez, who was very respectful and direct.

the most dredge
Lupita left the program (Photo: Screenshot / The most dredge)

Roberto Carlo, host of the program, presented Capi as the “More Cholo“And one of the most irreverent and beloved characters:” You say it well, I’m a cholo. I am from Aguascalientes but I was also in high school in the afternoon so my concept is to be ‘Rancholo’ “commented with laughter the famous presenter of Come the Joy.

But Tuesday, November 9 followers of LMD4 they lived moments of anguish since the beginning of the episode, due to the fact that the previous chapter was not available on the YouTube channel. According to the official accounts of the reality show, there was a problem uploading the video, which could be resolved minutes later.

The contestants took to the catwalk with their best cholas looks, trying to take care of every detail to make it a tribute to the women who belong to this urban culture that developed between the Hispanic and American community.