Why Uriel Antuna has delayed his arrival in America

Uriel Antuna has delayed the exchange of players between América and Chivas (Photo: Instagram @ urielantuna90 / @ cordovar97)

Uriel Antuna and Sebastián Córdova They are the two players who have received the most convictions in recent days for the alleged transfer that they are about to star in. Although various sources have ensured that the exchange between the Chivas of the Guadalajara Sports Club and the Eagles of America is practically a fact, the negotiations have stalled due to the Salary claims and dislikes made known by the Club Santos Laguna youth squad to the board of Coapa.

According to information from sources consulted by the specialized media ESPN, Uriel Antuna continues with a negative stance before signing the contract with his new team. And is that one of the conditions that oblige the azulcrema team to convince him to stamp his signature on the contract is his disgust about moving to Mexico City. With this, he would look for a way that, in a new offer, the possibility of a salary increase is contemplated.

In fact, that was the first obstacle that prevented the transfer from being carried out, that is, He was not convinced by the salary offered by the Coapa board of directors. According to the portal Salary sport, the Sorcerer is the ninth player with the best salary perception of the Rojiblanco squad who played at Grita México Apertura 2021. In that sense, with his arrival in Las Águilas, and knowing the economic power of the institution, he would demand a payment greater than that offered, although the exact amount has not been disclosed.

Sebastián Córdova would have already accepted the contractual conditions offered by the Chivas (Photo: <a class=Twitter / @Resacaamericanista)” height=”1066″ src=”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/fEI5I52UWGwNN1HCzAJ43zGsLNQ=/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/MCAZL4GXSBBEFGODJUS5INJBLQ.jfif” width=”1600″ />
Sebastián Córdova would have already accepted the contractual conditions offered by the Chivas (Photo: Twitter / @Resacaamericanista)

The unofficial document assured that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medalist pocketed more than MXN 240 thousand every week who was part of the rojiblanca institution. In that sense, it seeks to pressure the board of the Coapa team so that, at least, they equal the amount, considering that Sebastián Córdova received a similar income when he played the last season with Club América.

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