Why was Sergio Mayer left out of the Garibaldi reunion?

Sergio Mayer reacts to Garibaldi’s reunion.

Sergio Mayer sent a forceful message to his Garibaldi teammates, after being left out of the reunion with the original members.

Sergio Mayer, 57 years old, does not remain silent and talks about his absence in the Garibaldi reuniona group that achieved success in the late 80’s and early 90’s and now goes by the name GB5because they do not own the name of the group.

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They get divorced and there is no going back.


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Paty Manterola, Luisa Fernanda, Charly López, Víctor Noriega and Katia Llanos are part of GB5and are set to perform a series of performances on the 90’s Pop Tour.

“It’s okay, actually last year we were working with him and he decided to make a new group, that’s how things happened. There were several events and photographs with new members flowed around and we respect what he has decided,” Katia Llanos said at a press conference in reference to Mayer’s absence.


For his part, Charlie Lopez He clarified that there are no problems with the former deputy: “The five of us spoke and we did it out of love, we are doing it with great affection. The only thing we want is to work, there are those of us who want to be and who we want to be… There are no quarrels or anything, just evolution”.

The leader of Team Hell He spoke before the cameras regarding whether there is a lawsuit with his colleagues, which caused him not to be part of the reunion.

“I would have loved to be invited, I was not considerate and in no way; No one has approached or told me anything. The name together with Televisa we have the rights to Garibaldi, that’s why they change their name, but I wish them every success because I adore them”.