Why would Apple keep a log of user activity on the App Store?

The information sent to the company includes the keystrokes that people make on the screens of their devices. (Apple) (APPLE/)

After Manzana have decided to incorporate paid advertising inside of app store to generate income, unwanted situations were generated such as the appearance of gambling applications and casinos in different parts of the store, which ended in the decision of the company to suspend indefinitely the advertising for this type of content.

However, two developers from Canada and Germany interested in cybersecurity investigations known as Mysk in Twitterthey indicated in their account of the social network (@mysk_co), that the company would be keeping a record of all the keystrokes made by users when the app store is executed in the foreground from your version of iOS 14.6.

Although it is true that the update of the operating system that corresponds to iOS 14.6 was released in May 2021, the developers insist that even though this feature within the app store is prior, the information it collects is very sensitive to the interests of users. “The level of detail is too much even for a user who has given consent to share information with Manzana”, indicates its publication in Twitter.

According to iOS developers known as Mysk, the App Store records all the activities that users do in the <a class=Apple store. (@mysk_co)” height=”810″ src=”https://www.americanchronicles.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Why-would-Apple-keep-a-log-of-user-activity-on.jpg” width=”2382″ />
According to iOS developers known as Mysk, the App Store records all the activities that users do in the Apple store. (@mysk_co)

On the other hand, it is stated that the implementation of this feature in the app store is “strange” because in the previous version, the one corresponding to iOS 14.5, A strict security measure was introduced that prevented app developers from doing what Manzana ended up doing in iOS 14.6: track people’s keystrokes during the time they use an application.

According to the researchers, it is not clear whether Manzana continue collecting information of user screens still on update iOS 16.1 even though data sharing options and personalized recommendations are off. “In any case, the App Store already knows a lot about our behavior and how we explore applications,” they point out.

Advertising in the App Store generates annoyance among users

Among the unethical situations in which the ads were presented, which not only involves applications related to bookmakers, there are some of the cases that were pointed out by the user @BasicAppleGuy, who commented on his Twitter account :

“These ads on the App Store are something… Reading? You may also be interested in: Video chat for adults ¿In Therapy for women? addictions? You may also be interested in: Gambling. Use Disney+? You may also like: psychics of California Improve your marriage? You may also be interested in: Apps of quotes”.

Users denounce that the ads within the App Store are unethical and harm users.  (Capture)
Users denounce that the ads within the App Store are unethical and harm users. (Capture)

Although the decision to suspend the advertising of applications related to gambling has already been taken and has entered into force, Manzana has not made any announcement about how long this measure will be active, if other categories of ads have been affected, such as those indicated by the user of Twitter mentioned above or what consequences could exist as a result of these incidents.

Apple has rules about advertising in applications related to activities directed at users adults and qualifies them as restricted. However, the limitations imposed on them are insufficient and their access depends a lot on the country in which people are located, so the company cannot be held responsible.

There is also no explicit reference to what types of users can see this advertising in the form of recommendations, so it is not clear if a minor was accidentally exposed to this type of content.


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