Wikipedia: This map reveals the most searched word in each country in the world

World map. (photo: Wikipedia)

When it comes to maps, many people can see this type of interaction as something interesting and curious. To create a map, it is only necessary to think about what you want to show and put it on a piece of paper, like the one brought up in this article today, which is a map of Wikipedia of the most searched words by each country in the world.

The authorship of this map is not known, but it has become famous thanks to Reddit, where the subreddit dedicated to the love of maps (/MapPorn) has posted this week the happy map with the most common searches on Wikipedia.

And yes, there are few things that people love more than a good map with valuable information. It can be geographical or political, it can even be curiosity. A map is always interesting to see what different subjects look like all over the world.

Anyway, without further ado, you have to see the more than 100 words on this unique map: words that are not expected in countries like Argentina either Mexicowords more related to the cultures of the country, and more.

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The map that shows the most searched word of all countries

There is a thread on the popular Reddit platform called MapPorndedicated to feeding this fetishistic fixation of some for consuming infographic illustrations of maps with curious, deep, obscure or general interest data on different topics.

It is there that in recent times an interesting map has ended up going viral, whose original authorship so far has not been 100% clear or established. Where a complete map of the world is illustrated with a precise description of the most searched word on Wikipedia for a country on the planet:

(photo: Crossword Solver)
(photo: Crossword Solver)

Some country search words are amazing

The Map (click here to view in full resolution) has all the countries of the world with their own unique words. Because it is not the most searched word itself, but the most searched word in the country, because there are terms that exist only in one country or are typical there.

For example, the most searched word in USA is “native”, in China is “dynasty” and, surprisingly, in Argentina is “peronist”. As you can see, these are terms known around the world, but they have an undeniable impact on these nations.

Some Latin American countries will be broken down below to find out what has been most sought after in each of them:

– Argentina: “Peronist”

-Bolivia: “Department”

– Chili: “Copper”

– Colombia: “Swing”

– Ecuador: “Negotiation”

– Mexico: “Indigenous”

– Paraguayan: “Jesuit”

– Peru: “Civilization”

– Uruguay: “Legalization”

– Venezuela: “Shortage”

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If you see some countries in Europe, for example in Spain You have the word “autonomy”, which makes sense because it is a country divided into autonomous communities, and the autonomous regime is rare outside those borders.

In Australia is “Continent”, in South Africa is “Apartheid” and in England is “Royalty”. As you can see, it seems that there is nothing wrong with this world map, all the conditions are as expected, right?

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