Will Carmen Muñoz enter ‘Hoy’? Producer Andrea Rodríguez clarifies it

What happens in the ‘Hoy’ program is always news, and every year-end speculation begins as to whether new drivers will enter or whether there will be changes in the structure of the Televisa morning.

It was even said a few days ago, because he decided not to sign any more with TV Azteca, that Carmen Munoz She would be integrated as the host of ‘Hoy’, so the producer Andrea Rodríguez decided to clarify it once and for all.

“No one else is integrated. We are looking for things, and it is trial and error. We do one thing one day, and if people do not like it, we do another,” said Magda Rodríguez’s sister when the journalist interviewed her. Eden Dorantes.

“It is not confirmed. I really like Carmen Muñoz, I love her very much, but in no way does Carmen join ‘Hoy'”.

And it was clear, it is true that ‘Today you do it’ … “We are letting go with what the audience is telling us. Surely next year we will do a little dance again. We will premiere sections, drivers no, effectively the same 7 drivers that we have remain “.

According to Andrea Rodríguez, in ‘Hoy’ an unbreakable family has been formed: “For the moment, yes, when something works, don’t change it, until it stops working. We are going to see what the audience is asking of us.”

Andrea Rodríguez also appeared alongside Galilea Montijo to clarify that the host will not leave the program, after Gustavo Adolfo Infante informed him.

Thus, they rejected any rumors, and established that the line of drivers will remain the same by 2022.