Will Chabelo live longer than Mirtha Legrand? In Argentina there is a competitor in MEMES about the age of celebrities

“Chabelo lived more than…” is a humorous phrase that is used in Mexico every time a famous long-lived person dies. The most recent example: “Chabelo lived longer than Queen Elizabeth II.”

But in Argentina a similar phenomenon occurs with the actress and host Mirtha Legrand, known as the Lunch Diva, and who, like Chabelo, became the protagonist of memes with the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Legrand is recognized for the way she has taken care of herself physically, allowing her to look stunning at 95 years old. Her career began when she was just a teenager and she got an extra job in the movie “You have to take care of Niní” in 1940.

Just as in Mexico Chabelo appears in memes with deaths such as Diego Verdaguer, Armando Manzanero, José José, Juan Gabriel and many others, in Argentina Legrand became a trend with the death of Diego Armando Maradona or Carlos Menem.

On one occasion, Legrand wrote a tweet in which he made reference to these comments. “They also criticize me. On social networks they make fun of me because of my age. I already want to see them at my age… they won’t even remember their names”.

Of course, the message was used by Internet users to make memes, one of them responded to the tweet: “How do you want to see them? How many centuries do you think you will continue to live?

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