Will Christian Nodal marry Cazzu? These are the couple’s plans

Will Christian Nodal and Cazzu reach the altar?


Christian Nodal and Cazzu have a plan to take the next step in their relationship

¿Christian Nodal and Cazzy will reach the altar? is the question that several Internet users have asked themselves after the pregnancy of the Mexican singer-songwriter’s girlfriend. In the printed version of TV and novels This week, we tell you that the couple has their priorities very clear.

And the thing is, the singers, aged 24 and 29, respectively, want to enjoy the birth of their daughter and, with the baby in their arms, organize a intimate ceremony in the country where their romance was revealed during June 2022.

After the birth of their first-born, Nodal and Cazzu’s closest family and friends will be part of a wedding officiated in Guatemala by a friend of both, Father Choco, who promised to marry them at the end of this year.

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When is Christian Nodal and Cazzu’s baby born?

Let us remember that Christian Nodal and Cazzu are about to welcome their first babya beautiful girl who will come to fulfill the dream of her famous father, who wanted to have a daughter at the age of 24.

A few days ago, both interpreters made the decision to travel in a mobile home when the little one is born, this due to the work commitments that each of them has already agreed upon. In addition, the Mexican singer-songwriter wants the greatest comfort for his girlfriend and his eldest daughter.

“The González Cazzuchelli will be a peculiar family, as they will have at their disposal a spectacular mini mobile home manufactured in India, in which they will be transported around the world during their tours, since it can even be transported on airplanes,” explains the publication.

It’s about the Pinnacle Finetza, luxury campervan chosen by Christian Nodal and his girlfriend to be his travel and tour companion. It measures almost seven meters long, expandable to eight and a half meters. With capacity for up to eight people, it includes a separate bedroom, and optionally a small kitchen, bathroom with toilet, sinks and shower can be set up.

In addition, it has a four-cylinder hybrid engine with 115 horsepower and pneumatic suspension at a cost of one and a half million pesos, the best technology in terms of a motorhome and the best comfort for the González Cazzuchelli family.

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