Will Leonardo García be able to get his apartment back? This is what the law says

Can the law benefit Leonardo García? These are the Mexican regulations on mortgages.


Leonardo Garcia He assured that he will begin a legal process against the real estate company that evicted him from his apartment in Polanco. What does Mexican law say in this regard?

Although Leonardo Garcia has maintained on several occasions that He was the victim of a “fraud” by the real estate agencythe firm assured that the actor is the culprit since he never finished paying off the luxurious apartment he lived in, so they ordered his eviction.

In accordance with Leonardo Garciathe building had several “hidden defects”, so he and several neighbors repaired the damage, and although the actor initiated a process for the real estate agency to return the money for the repairs, She refused and even kept 65% of the total value of the apartment. justifying that, since the plaintiff never liquidated the property, They took what had already been paid as “rental concept”something that infuriated the famous man.

Leonardo Garcia assured that it is already advising with their lawyers to go “to the last consequences” with the real estate agency. Is the law on your side?

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Delay in paying a mortgage It affects, first of all, a person’s credit history, in addition to the fact that default interest may be generated. that increase as time goes by.

However, if late mortgage payments persist, financial sanctions could evolve into actions such as, in effect, lto judicial demand and seizure of property.

To avoid reaching these extremes, It is recommended to negotiate with the institutions to which you owe these optionsall in order not to lose your home: mortgage renegotiation, loan modification, refinancing or even selling the place.

Leonardo Garciaon the other hand, assured that he was never notified of the eviction previously, which is also already contemplated in the Human Rights Law and its Guarantees of Mexico City with a reform that prevents forced evictions without prior notification, which would mean a point in favor for the actor.