Will Silvia Pinal go to the wedding of Michelle Salas, her great-granddaughter? Sylvia Pasquel clarifies rumors

Michelle Salas will not marry in Mexico, and Sylvia Pasquel explained that this represents a difficulty for Silvia Pinal.


Some days ago, Michelle Salas announced that she would marry her boyfriend, businessman Danilo Díaz, after seven years of relationship; this news caused an immediate furor, and in social networks They could not miss the comments and bets on who would be invited to this wedding that promises to be an incredible event.

The Pinal family was happy with the commitment of Michelle Salas and congratulated her through social networks; however, the details of the long-awaited wedding continue to be a secret for everyone.

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Silvia Pinal I could not miss those bickering, being the grandmother of Luis Miguel’s daughter, will the leading actress go to the wedding or not? In the midst of so much speculation, she was Sylvia Pasquel who came out to clear up the rumors that began to gain strength.


During a conversation with the media, Sylvia Pasquel confirmed that her mother, the leading actress Silvia Pinal, will not attend the model’s weddingWell, apparently Michelle Salas will not get married in Mexico. This represents a difficulty for the first actress, who is 91 years old, so a trip would be very difficult.

“There are things that can be done and others that cannot because my mother is already a very adult person”

“There are things that can be done and others that cannot because my mother is already a very adult person, she is a person who to travel with her is a matter because it is not just her, she has to take nurses and the nurses have to have a passport, they have to have visas”, explained Sylvia Pinal.

Silvia Pinal joins, with Luis Miguel, the list of celebrities that unfortunately we will not see in this link. “Sun”, they point out, he will not be able to attend the wedding of his daughter Michelle Salas because he is busy with his 2023 tour, while rumors suggest that Stephanie Salas will be the one to deliver her daughter Michelle on this very special date.